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Importance of a 35th birthday and 10 creative ways to celebrate it!

Congratulations! You are 3.5 decades old and on your way to 40

By the age of 35, many people experience milestones in life. 

You may have fallen in love, bought your 1st home, gotten married, or become a parent for the first time. 

According to lumen learning, you are five years shy of entering middle adulthood. So what’s the big deal? Why is this something to celebrate? Right?

Well, think of turning 35 as a pre-game celebration before you enter the middle-aged stage in life.

Some people dread the idea of turning 35. But trust me, your life will not be over, all because you are approaching 35. All It means is that you have reached the next stage in your life. So, Cheer up!

What you thought was fun in your twenties may be a little different than what you like to do in your late thirties. Due to this, you may want to spend this birthday doing something completely different. And completely that’s fine to do.

Why should you celebrate your 35th birthday?

The number one reason why you should celebrate your 35th birthday is that you’ve reached maximum maturity. Yep. You are all grown up now!

Thirty-five is a great birthday year to reflect on your early adulthood years. Entering another stage in your life is a big deal. 

By 35, you may have started your own family well into your career at this point in your life. A 35th birthday celebration is a perfect opportunity to celebrate folks you consider family. In-laws and close friends included.

If you haven’t done anything special with these folks yet, your 35th birthday gives you the perfect excuse to do so.

You may have already partied in Cancun and enjoyed hitting the slot machines in Vegas. The celebrations you found fun in your twenties may be completely different from what you consider fun in your thirties. 

Instead of throwing back tequila shots at the hottest club, you can opt to get tipsy at the finest winery in your local area. 

See? You can still have a fabulous celebration for your 35th birthday. You have to choose a birthday activity that fits best with what stage you are at in your life. 

Is 35 a milestone birthday?

After reading an article on Hallmark’s official site, the 35th birthday wasn’t there.

It could be because, After age 30, milestone birthdays occur every 10th years. So, the 35th birthday is not a milestone birthday

Regardless of whether the 35th birthday year is a milestone or not, there isn’t any law that says that it can’t be one. Am I right?

What colors represent 35th birthdays?

There are no official colors or gemstones that represent a 35th birthday year. After doing some digging online, I was not able to find official colors for the 35th birthday

But many people agree that the color for the 35th wedding anniversary is coral. The gemstone associated with the 35th anniversary year is jade. Red roses are also a representation of the 35th anniversary year. 

Even though there isn’t any official color, flower, or gemstone for the 35th birthday year, doesn’t mean anything.

You can still use the anniversary color, flower, or gemstone for your party.

For a 35th birthday party in the summertime, you can throw a tropical fruit-themed party using watermelon or guava. 

You can serve some signature cocktails or smoothies using these fruits. Buy coral and green color decorations to match these themes as well.

Your party guests will love how creative your birthday bash is by mixing things up! 

Enough about that for now, you’ll hear more about party options later.

What should I do to celebrate my 35th birthday?

Some people may view turning 35 as their doomsday, but it does not have to be this way. After all, you’re still celebrating your birthday!

Unsure about what birthday activity to choose for your birthday? Check out these fun ideas below!

Birthday weekend trip

Take advantage of those vacation days by planning a birthday weekend trip. Head up to the mountains, relax, and enjoy the breathtaking views!

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Visit a City Vineyard or Beer Garden

At this point in your life, I’m sure your days of playing beer pong are over. But if you want to enjoy some premium wine selections, visit your nearest city vineyard. If you can’t find any city vineyards in your area try going on a wine tasting class or booking a wine tour. 

For my 35th birthday, a good friend and I went to a wine museum in NYC. We had so much fun! We got to sip different types of wine. Plus, there were plenty of photo ops too!

Now enough about me, Let us get back to the topic at hand.

If you prefer craft beer over wine, why not visit a beer garden or book a city brew tour? Cheers to that!

Start a new hobby

Have you ever wanted to try to paint or take a cooking class? Here is your golden opportunity to do so. Take a pottery class or a creative writing course. These are a few suggestions out of hundreds of hobbies to consider.

Get moving 

So you have the membership to that gym class you’ve been avoiding all these years? Well, now would be the perfect time to sign up for it. Work up a sweat for your 35th birthday by taking a fitness class. Most gyms will let you try a lesson for free before paying for extra ones.

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Get a makeover

Have you been “dye-ing” to try a new hairstyle or change up your look (Pun intended)? If so, Celebrate your 35th birthday by giving yourself a makeover.

Snag tickets to your favorite live entertainment event

You can get tickets to see a comedy show, watch a theatre performance, or see your favorite musician in a concert. 

You’re never too old to enjoy these activities.

Book a birthday photo shoot with your friends

Grab your homies and snap some professional pics from your local photographer. You know what they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Once you get your pictures taken, everyone can have a keepsake to take home to remember your birthday. Yay!

Have a movie theater party

Did you know that you can host a private theater rental for your birthday? Yep. You sure can!

If you are a movie lover, you and your loved ones can watch your favorite film on the big screen!

At AMC, they offer guest dine-in movie theatre experiences. You can have a delicious meal while watching your featured presentation! How cool is that! 

How to celebrate your 35th birthday at home

Host a birthday dinner 

Let’s face it. There are plenty of opportunities to have a backyard picnic, BBQs, and potlucks to celebrate your birthday at home.

So why not change things up a bit by hosting a hibachi party at home? Pick up some fresh Asian food and ingredients and start grilling! You won’t regret it. 

If throwing a hibachi party isn’t your thing, you can have an escape room dinner party or a binge-watch party too!

If you prefer to have a non-traditional birthday party. These are a few suggestions if you want to mix things up a little bit. 

You see, I told you we would revisit the topic of parties. Now, on to the next celebration idea.

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Pamper yourself

If you don’t feel like having a birthday party or going on a birthday outing, get a facial, manicure, and pedicure at home. You can also light some scented candles and take a nice bubble bath. 

Eat a Birthday Breakfast

Have your loved ones make your favorite breakfast. Who can say no to eating Pancakes, waffles, or French toast in their pajamas? Not me!

Scared you might set off the fire alarm with your cooking skills (lol)? 

If that sounds like you, then get a free birthday meal in your local area. You do need to change into your clothes and leave your house wink, wink. 

Even though a 35th birthday year isn’t a milestone, make sure you have a special celebration for it anyway. Life is too short to be obsessing about how old you are or how old you’re getting. 

There you have it. 

Now that I’ve shared some celebration ideas with you, how are you celebrating your 35th birthday

Which type of celebration do you want to have?

Have you done any of these activities for your 35th birthday party?

If you need some 35th birthday party inspiration check out my blog post on 35th birthday party ideas for her.

Leave your comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Happy Celebrating!

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