About Me

Hey! I’m Satarra, the creator behind MilestoneEventz.com. If you’ve ever wondered how to throw fabulous parties without emptying your wallet, you’re in the right place!

My journey:

Back in 2006, while studying at Brandeis University, I fell in love with the world of events and parties. By the time I graduated, I knew my passion was more than just a hobby. I took my love for event planning to the next level by training with the Institute of Wedding and Event Design (IWED) in 2018. And when the world changed during the pandemic, I created this virtual corner to help others navigate the maze of adult party planning.

Why Milestone Eventz?

At Milestone Eventz, I specialize in making big celebrations happen on modest budgets. Sure, anyone can host a lavish event with an unlimited budget. But crafting a unique, memorable celebration without breaking the bank? That requires some extra creativity!

Here you’ll uncover:

Unique Party Ideas for Adults: Forget the typical. Think out of the box.
Frugal Birthday Parties: Memorable doesn’t always mean expensive.
Party Hacks: Little tricks that make a big difference.
Affordable Party Decorations: Where to snag the best deals without compromising style.
Milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries: Celebrate big moments without the big price tag.

My Belief?

Everyone should have the chance to mark life’s milestones with style and elegance, no matter their budget. Plus, with a family of my own, I’ve learned how to make every celebration count!

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Photography by James Starkman

15 fun Party facts About me

1. My favorite party theme: City-chic-themed party

2. My Top 3 favorite party songs: 10% by Kali Uchis & Kaytranda, One More Time by Daft Punk, and Please Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna.

3. Favorite house party album: Kaytranada- Bubba. You can play the album from start to finish to keep any party going!

4. My favorite party venue: Rooftop terrace

5. My Favorite party food: Chips and guacamole

6. The best party decoration ever: Paper lanterns and fringe garlands. I can’t choose one!

7. My favorite party drink: Sangria

8. My Favorite time of the year to party: Labor Day weekend

9. Favorite holiday party: New Year’s Eve party

10. Favorite colors: Yellow, teal, and orange in that order

11. My party personality: I’m a Mixer Maven.

Are you wondering what type of party personality you are? If so take my party personality quiz!

12. My favorite party game: Uno is such a classic but fun party game that never gets old!

13. Favorite cake flavor: Spice cake

14. My favorite party sweet treat: Mini donuts

15. The best part about hosting parties is: Socializing with friends and loved ones. Especially, if I haven’t seen them in a while.