15 cool birthday venues for adults to use right now!

Picking an adult party venue for adults can be tricky. These tips will help you choose the best party venue for your birthday party everyone will love!

It’s that time of year when you want to throw the ultimate birthday party for an adult in your life.

Chances are you want to throw a unique birthday party. The last thing you want to do is find a generic place to throw your party.

Before you choose birthday venues for adults, do this first!

The first thing you need to do is choose a party theme before picking a party venue.

Many people make this mistake and waste time making their party theme work with the venue.

Why bring sand to the beach when a beach already has sand? Your venue should have similar elements to your party theme.

For example, if you want to have a beach theme. You could book a birthday venue close to the beach.

Another great option would be to choose a venue near a pier or boardwalk.

These venues would be better than renting a banquet hall at your local country club. Your party theme must match your birthday venue.

Before booking a location for your birthday party, get a venue to match your party theme.

Save yourself the headache and jot down some party themes that you think will work.

Do this to make it easier to narrow down your choices.

Once you choose a party theme, find the perfect venue that is right for your birthday guy or gal!

Be more intentional about what party theme you should choose to avoid issues.

Ask yourself the following questions first before you choose a party theme:

  1. What objects come to mind when you think of their career or personal style?

Keep in mind a great party is visual and interactive.

  1. Are there any particular colors that come to mind that you can use for your birthday party?

  1. What significant events stand out about their life journey so far?

These questions can help you personalize the birthday theme with even more ideas.

Consider using these categories below to find the perfect party theme.

  • Decades (the 20s, 50s, 70s, 80s,90s, 00s) 
  • T.V. and Movies
  • Cuisine (Latin, Asian, African, Indian, European, American)
  • Hobbies and Activities
  • Music genre (Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Pop, Dance)
young woman with thinking

The best party themes are the ones that are unique and have personal touches included in them. Your style will make your party stand out.

Consider adding your personality to your party theme. By incorporating their style to make their event more personal.

By doing this, you will beat out any overdone and ordinary party themes every time.

Once you figure out what party theme you want, it will be easier to find a venue for your birthday party.

Many people make the mistake of lumping young adults and adult birthdays together. But the truth is that older adults (21+) are not young adults (18-21 years old).

The party theme you choose for older adults should be different for younger adults.

Try not to limit your options straight out of the gate.

Venues that serve alcohol can be realistic options to host an adult birthday party.

It’s always a good idea to go with family-friendly venues for young adults. You want to avoid any issues when inviting guests under 21.

Another factor to consider is the age range of the guests you invite to your party.

Are the majority of your guests over the age of 21? Is it family members with young children attending?

These questions can help you figure out the types of venues to consider for your birthday party.

Adult birthday party themes for you to consider

Are you struggling to find what party theme to choose for your adult? If so, here are a few adult birthday ideas to get you started:

1. Yeah, buoy! – Throwing a birthday party at sea would be the ship! (lol).

2. Let’s Partea! – Thinking of a traditional tea time party theme? Why not throw a mad hatter tea party instead?

3. Bombs away! Throw that adult in your life an explosive bash by taking them sake bombing! 

group of firends at dinner sake bombing

Picking your birthday venue

Now that you have chosen an adult birthday theme for your party, the next step is to find a venue you love.

If you want to find unique venues in your area, you should check out a website called uniquevenues.com.

There are hundreds of places you can host your birthday party. Be sure to make a list of the top venues you like and check their availability for a specific time and date you want.

Most venues need a 20-50% deposit of the total price to rent the space. This deposit serves as a confirmation of the time and date of your party.

So make sure you have this ready to hand over if you have your heart set on a particular venue.

The good news is you can avoid having to scroll through a massive list of venues.

Most venues are not suited for adult birthday parties. It can be a waste of time picking one at random.

Questions to ask when choosing a birthday party venue

When booking your venue for your birthday party, make sure you ask the right questions. If unsure about what questions to ask, here general questions to ask before booking below:

How far in advance can I book my party at your venue?

How much does it cost to secure my party venue rental date? 

Most party venues need a deposit. In some cases, you will be allowed to pay the remaining balance closer to your actual party date. 

How long are your party slots?

How long will your party be? An hour ? 2 hours? 

Does your venue charge per hour? 

Can I pay a flat rate for a party rental at your location?

How much time do I have for set-up and clean-up?

Most party venues give you 1 hour before and 1 hour after the party. But you should always ask.

Can I set up the day before if there are no scheduled parties before mine?

Am I allowed to use outside vendors for catering, music, or entertainment?

What do you include in your party rental fee?

Many places like indoor play parks need you and guests to sign waivers or wear special equipment.

Some venues may enforce a dress code, for example, sneakers only, no jewelry, etc.

Is your birthday venue located in a major city? Rural area? 

Does your venue have public, toll, or private parking? 

Do guests have to drive to the location? 

Can they use public transportation to avoid parking fees? 

You should include information in the party invitation so that guests can prepare ahead of time.

Ask about the size of the venue and the amount per guest/ guest capacity. Make sure you read over their restrictions and policies too. 

The last thing you want to do is cancel it all because you failed to double-check with the party venue first.

Purchasing decorations for your venue should be a breeze at this point.

Some birthday party venues have restrictions on what you can use to decorate the space.

Since you already chose your birthday theme before you booked, this factor is not an issue.

Selecting a venue during different seasons

Remember, trendy adult party venues book pretty fast.

Are you planning to have your party in the winter or the spring? Make sure you plan your party for at least three months in advance.

That way you will have a better chance of booking the day you want. You can book a birthday a month in advance in most cases.

Where should you have a birthday party?

Are you still having trouble choosing a birthday party theme or adult party venue?

Go right ahead and snag these ideas for birthday party venues below!

Adult birthday party venues

1. Dance Club

If you love music, then choosing a dance club to host your birthday party is the perfect venue for you. Music-themed parties are great for both guys and ladies because you can pick any music genre you like.

2. Cafe or coffee house

If brunch is your jam, then throwing a birthday party in a Cafe or coffee house is for you.

inside of a coffee house

3. a lounge

For those of you looking for a low-key venue, consider throwing your birthday party at a lounge. Some lounges allow you to rent the entire space for a flat fee. 

4. Cooking class facility

A Cooking class facility is also great for private birthday parties.

5. Pool Hall

Head down to your local pool hall and ask them if they rent a section with a few pool tables. 

6. Beer garden

A Beer garden is a perfect venue for craft beer lovers. 

7. A Rooftop

Step your game up even further by hosting a rooftop party. You and your guest will love the spectacular views of the skyline or sun setting in the mountains. 

8. A Restaurant

Throw an adult birthday party in a restaurant instead of a traditional banquet hall. 

The birthday guy or gal will love that you threw them a party based on the food they love to eat!

9. City vineyard

A City vineyard is a great venue for those who want a mix of city and rustic winery vibes for their birthday.

10. Botanical garden

Host your adult birthday party at a botanical garden. This venue would go well with any outdoor theme. 

11. Art Studio

Many galleries have private rooms to host different types of parties. 

12. A Party Boat

Host your birthday party on a private yacht. This is a great option for milestone birthday celebrations!

13. Indoor rock climbing

This venue is perfect for birthday guests of all ages.

2 couples at ski resort

14. Ski Resort

Throw a Ski resort party. This venue would be great for adults who have winter birthdays.

15.Parkour gym

Looking for an adventurous birthday experience? Have your party at a parkour gym.

If you want to add some personal style to the birthday party, I recommend you book a non-traditional birthday venue ex. boutique hotel

If all else fails, try to book a space at your party at a traditional banquet hall. Be mindful that going with a banquet hall may be more costly.

Banquet halls usually require guest and catering minimums and may not allow you to use vendors that you want at your party.  

Again, make sure to book your venue way in advance. Book 3-6 months out to secure your venue date.

To wrap things up, make sure you choose a party theme before you book your venue. 

Once you decide where you want to have your birthday party, make it a point to ask the venue.

 Find out what the venue can offer for you and your guests.

So, What birthday venues are you considering for the next adult party? 

Leave your comments below!

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  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how you should get a venue to match your party theme before booking a location for your birthday party. We are organizing a party for my older brother and we are now at the part where we have to pick the venue. There are various types of event venues now, so we should pick one that would fit our vision for the party.

    1. Hey Luke, it’s easier to select a venue when you already decided on theme. Thank you for your comment. Wishing you all the best with your party planning. Happy celebrating!

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