21 long-distance birthday ideas that’ll make anyone feel special!

What do you do when your loved ones’ birthday rolls around and you’re not there in person to celebrate? 

You get creative! 

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with long-distance birthday ideas for your loved one. Especially if you’re not creative.

Not the creative or crafty type? If so, you can still find ways to make your long-distance loved one feel special on their birthday.

Tips on how to celebrate a birthday long distance

Tip 1) Buy a meaningful and personalized long-distance birthday gift. 

Consider buying personalized birthday gifts or sending a happy birthday video. Customized birthday gifts always show that you went the extra mile to make their day special.

For example, if your loved one enjoys reading, get them a new book. If they love going on walks, get them a new pair of walking shoes.

You can also incorporate their name or favorite color into the gift.

For example, you could buy a birthday mug with their name or a keychain in their favorite color.

Tip 2) Make sure their birthday gifts arrive before or on their birthday.

Be sure to order their long-distance birthday gifts ahead of time. Try to send it so it can arrive on or before their birthday.

If you’re sending a physical gift, use an overnight shipping service. You can also have it delivered to their workplace too!

If you’re sending a digital birthday gift, make sure to send it a few days before their birthday. By doing so, they’ll have time to open and enjoy it.

Tip 3) Plan an online birthday activity to do 

If you’re not able to be there in person, you can still have fun together. Why not plan an online scavenger hunt or a puzzle challenge?

Tip 4) Make your long-distance birthday gift or birthday activity a surprise.

A birthday surprise is always a nice touch. Try to keep your long-distance birthday gift or activity a secret until the big day.

Making a birthday gift or birthday activity a surprise will make it even more special for them.

Long Distance Birthday Ideas

Are you wondering how to make someone’s birthday special long-distance?

If so, here are 21 fun and thoughtful birthday ideas to make your loved one feel special on their big day.

Celebrate your loved one from afar with one of these long-distance birthday ideas! 

Long-distance birthday celebration ideas

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1. Personalized Birthday Candle:

A great way to make your long-distance loved one feel special is to buy them a personalized candle. 

You can find these candles online.

2. Create a birthday video:

Another great way to celebrate a long-distance birthday is by creating a video. 

You can record yourself singing happy birthday.

If recording yourself singing happy birthday sounds a little intimating, you can tell your long-distance loved one how much you love them.

You can also talk about all the things you’ve been up to since you last saw each other.

3. Make a birthday dinner and eat it together over face-time or online:

One easy long-distance birthday idea you can do is to have a birthday dinner. 

You can have them watch you cook their favorite meal online. Or you both can order food from your loved one’s favorite restaurant. 

Then, eat it together over Zoom or another video chat program.

4. Throw a virtual birthday party:

Make their long-distance birthday extra special by throwing a virtual birthday party! 

You can invite their friends and family to the party online. 

Everyone will have a great time celebrating together.

Make sure you have a themed virtual background if you don’t want to buy house party supplies. 

You can get free themed virtual backgrounds here. 

5. Send a birthday cake :

 If your loved one has a sweet tooth, you can always send them a birthday cake. 

You can order a cake from their favorite local bakery or even make one yourself and have it shipped.

chocolate cake with whip cream and cherries

6. Send a book of birthday vouchers:

One unique long-distance birthday idea you can do is to buy for your loved one is to send a book of birthday vouchers

You can find these books online or even make your own. The birthday voucher can be for anything from a hug to a day out together.

7. Have a movie watch party:

Another great long-distance birthday idea is to have a movie-watch party! 

You can all pick the same movie to watch on their birthday and celebrate together.

8. Play their favorite games online together:

If you’re looking for a fun long-distance birthday idea, play games online together. 

You can play your favorite games or even try out some new ones.

You can find virtual birthday party games that you can play for your loved one’s birthday.

9. Plan a birthday activity that you can do together, even if both of you are miles apart:

Another fun long-distance birthday idea you can do is to plan a birthday activity. 

You can try an online cooking class, a virtual wine and cheese tasting, or even a dance class.

10. Order them a personalized birthday mug:

Buying your loved one a personalized birthday mug is an affordable birthday idea.

You can find these mugs online. 

They make a great addition to any tea-drinking or coffee lover’s collection.

11. Create a birthday playlist

Are you looking for a simple but meaningful long-distance birthday idea? 

If so, why not create a birthday playlist? 

You can put together all their favorite songs and share the playlist with them on their special day.

12. Sign up your loved one for a subscription gift:

Another great long-distance birthday idea is to get a subscription gift

The subscription gift could be anything from a wine of the month club to a cheese of the month club.

13. Send a giant birthday greeting card:

If you want to send your loved one a unique long-distance birthday gift, send a giant birthday card.

You can find these cards online. 

They are a great way to wish your loved one a happy birthday.

long-distance birthday ideas for her

young woman giving herself a manicure

14. Send a birthday gift card for a Mani and Pedi

For the long-distance birthday girl in your life, send a gift card for a mani and Pedi. 

Sending a birthday gift card for a Mani and Pedi is a thoughtful and relaxing gift that she will love.

15. Mail out a few birthday accessories

Buy your birthday person birthday accessories like hats, crowns, sunglasses, or sash. It will be fun to open the mail and see what goofy birthday accessories are for your birthday.

16. Have a balloon bouquet delivered to their home or workplace

You can never go wrong with a balloon bouquet delivery. 

You can find companies that will deliver balloons to their home or workplace.

17. Record yourself singing “Happy Birthday” and post it on social media

Are you looking for a long-distance birthday idea that is personable and fun? 

If so, why not record yourself singing Happy Birthday and post it on social media? 

Your loved one is sure to appreciate the sentiment.

Long-distance birthday ideas for him.

18. Buy a man crate

It can be hard to find the perfect long-distance gift for a guy, but this is a surefire way to make him happy on his birthday.

Instead of sending your loved one a birthday care package, get him a man crate

Man crates Carter to hobbies and interests that guys enjoy and love.

19. Send a birthday experience gift card

One of the best long-distance birthday ideas is to send a birthday experience gift card

You can find these cards for all sorts of experiences, from skydiving to spa days.

Give a birthday experience as a gift for their long-distance birthday that they will love!

20. Mail out their favorite scent or fragrance

You can send them a bottle of perfume, cologne, or scented candles for their home.

Your loved one will appreciate the gesture.

Long-distance birthday ideas for best friend


21. Buy matching crystal bracelets

For long-distance besties, you can’t go wrong with matching bracelets. 

Crystal bracelets are beautiful and come in many colors.

Each crystal bracelet has a meaning so it should be easy to find the perfect match for your friend.

The Lapis Lazuli crystal is known as the stone of friendship.

It’s a great choice for a long-distance best friend bracelet.

Celebrating an LDR birthday or anniversary when your loved one is far away can feel challenging. 

But it’s not impossible.

If you’re celebrating an LDR anniversary in the future, be sure to check out my blog post on long-distance anniversary ideas.

So what are you waiting for? 

Pick your favorite idea and start planning the best long-distance birthday ever!

What long-distance birthday ideas are you going to try?

Leave a comment below.

As always,

Happy celebrating!

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