15 November birthday ideas for adults that’ll trump any fall holiday!

Are you tired of the same old fall birthday celebrations? Is pumpkin spice everything getting a bit too predictable for you?

If you’re a November baby, you may have felt overshadowed by Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving holidays.

If so, don’t worry – I’ve got some cool November birthday ideas for adults that’ll spice up your special day!

These November birthday ideas for adults will trump all those fall festivities.

Before diving into today’s post, here are a few things to consider before choosing your birthday idea for November.

Tip 1: Plan your birthday idea early.

People may already have plans to celebrate the fall holidays or plan a vacation during the month. 

If you want to throw a Birthday party, plan an intimate celebration.

That way, you won’t feel disappointed if many people can’t make it to your birthday bash.


Tip 2: Incorporate one element of the holiday/seasonal spirit. 

When people come to your birthday celebration, they are already in a holiday mood. 

Take one aspect of the fall holidays you enjoy and work it into your birthday festivities! Your guest will love it.

Instead of using traditional flavors like vanilla or chocolate, you can have one of your birthday cake layers of spice or carrot. 

Tip 3: Check the weather!

November can be a chilly month in some parts of the world. Make sure you consider the temperature when planning your birthday party. 

Now that I shared a few tips, let’s get into some fun November birthday ideas for adults!

November Birthday Ideas for Adults

1. November 1st is World Vegan Day.

You don’t have to wait till it’s meatless Monday to enjoy a delicious plant-based birthday meal. 

Head to a local vegan restaurant or invite a few people for a vegan potluck! 

If your local area offers it, book a cooking experience for you and a few friends to make a vegan dish or dessert.

There are so many delicious vegan recipes out there, so you’re bound to find one that everyone can enjoy.

2. November 3rd is National Sandwich Day.

Serve your birthday guests grilled cheese sandwiches and have them pick their toppings.

You can create a cold sandwich bar and have slices of deli meat, cheese, and bread set out with all the fixings.

If you are not in the mood to make sandwiches, you can find a sandwich shop in your area that caters for your birthday.

3. November 4th is National Candy Day.

Take a trip to a candy store like Dylan’s candy bar. 

If you want to do something more nostalgic, create a candy bar for your birthday party. Serve guests classic candy favorites from your childhood.

4. November 6th is National Nacho Day.

Create a nacho bar with lots of toppings and enjoy a birthday celebration at home

You can serve salsa, spinach artichoke dip, and shredded meats. Give your guests a variety of cheeses to impress your guests. 

You can add a festive touch by using yellow and orange tortilla chips to resemble fall leaves.

5. November 7th is National Merlot Day. 

If you’re a wine lover, invite your friends for a wine and cheese-tasting party featuring your favorite Merlot wine.

Spend your birthday at home and crack open your best bottle of merlot. Have a luxurious night with your significant other.

4 people toasting wine glasses 1

6. November 8th is National Cappuccino Day.

Are you celebrating your birthday on a budget, or do you love getting free birthday stuff? 

If so, make sure you pick up a free coffee drink for your birthday, like Starbucks or Panera Bread.

7. November 9th is going to an art museum day.

Are you an Art lover? If so, this is the November birthday idea for you! Check out a new art museum exhibit in the city or one in the local area.

If you don’t want to go to a local art exhibit, opt to complete a virtual art museum tour.

The Metropolitan Museum of Manhattan and the Museum of Modern Art offer beautiful art exhibits online. They are my favorite museums to visit. 

8. November 17th is Take a hike day.


Invite a group of friends on a hike. Pack a picnic lunch to enjoy at the top of the mountain or in a scenic spot. If you want to stay in your area, explore a new hiking trail at a local park.

Couple in mid 30s hiking together

9. November 18th is National Occult Day. 

To celebrate your solar return (birthday), see what the stars have in store for you by getting a tarot reading. Or you can get your birth chart read by an astrologer too!

10. November 27th is National Electric Guitar Day. 

Celebrate your special day by taking guitar lessons. If you’re not the music-playing type, see your favorite guitar player or rock band in concert.

11. November 28th National French Toast Day. 

Enjoy a stack of French toast for breakfast. Or make some French toast for dinner. 

You don’t have to settle for plain French toast. 

Make sure you add toppings like strawberries, bananas, or chocolate syrup. These toppings will make your birthday meal fun.

To spruce things up a bit, by ordering stuffed French toast with your favorite fruit or filling!

If you’re looking for more November birthday observance inspiration, click here.

More Birthday party ideas for November

Do you still need more November birthday ideas for adults? If so, check out the list of awesome November birthday themes below:

12. Throw a Zodiac-themed birthday party. 

If you’re into astrology, this November birthday theme is for you! 

Invite your guests over and decorate with astrology-themed decorations. 

This November birthday idea would be great for Scorpios and Sagittarius. November is their official birthday season.

13. Celebrate your birthday month.

Have a birthday month instead of a birthday day. 

Each week during your birthday month, you can do something different to celebrate.

One week you can have a girls’ night out. During the next week, you can go on a date with your partner. 

Then after, you can do a birthday activity with your closest friends the following week.

14. Buy yourself a special birthday-themed gift. 

November’s birthstone is Topaz. So, you can celebrate your birthday with topaz jewelry. Or buy a unique piece of topaz-inspired home decor. 

If you enjoy wearing crystal jewelry, buy a citrine stone. Citrine is the alternative birthstone for November

Citrine is an affordable option for those who want to buy a jewelry accessory for their birthday.

15. The official flower for November is the chrysanthemum.


If you want to use florals for your party, Have a birth flower-themed party and decorate with chrysanthemums.

Not only are they inexpensive, but they also come in all different colors and sizes.

Bonus Idea: Did you know that November is National Healthy Skin Care Month?

Why not take a trip to the spa and treat yourself to a facial? Or upgrade your skin care regimen to celebrate your special day?

Exciting November birthday ideas for adults shouldn’t be hard to come by. 

If you have a November birthday, try not to let the busier holiday parties overshadow your special day. 

With creativity, you can plan unique birthday celebrations that are fun for adults.

I hope these unique November birthday ideas for adults help you make the most of your special day.

If you have friends or family with November birthdays, use these birthday ideas for them too!

If you need more winter birthday inspiration, check out my blog post on winter birthday ideas.

Now, what adult November birthday ideas are you going to try?

Let me know in the comments below!

As Always, Happy Birthday, Happy celebrating!

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