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25 Holiday party theme Ideas for adults that’ll rock the night away!

Are you tired of the same old adult holiday themes every holiday season?

Forget about the typical winter wonderland party and ugly sweater bashes. There are so many other awesome holiday party themes to explore! 

I have 25 cool and creative winter party ideas for adults and party games in store for you in this blogpost, for grown-ups who love to spread holiday cheer. 

So, let’s get the holiday party planning started! 

How to plan a holiday party for adults

Pick a theme for your party first before you start your party planning. When organizing your holiday bash, it’s crucial to pick what party theme you want to use first! 

By choosing a party theme first, you can end the stress of getting overwhelmed or the temptation to overspend.

Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’s time for the fun and festive activities to begin. Next, it is time to choose where you will host your holiday party.

Before you pick out a location, keep these holiday party tips in mind:

Holiday party tips

A. Grab some holiday decorations on sale or use ones you already have at home for your bash.

B. Snag some versatile decorations that will work for all your winter parties. Use them year after year!

C. Don’t go crazy hanging up Christmas decorations – keep it simple and tasteful.

D. Add your flair or incorporate a new tradition to make your party one of a kind. 

Where to have a holiday party

When organizing a holiday bash, make sure you choose the right venue. You can host a holiday party in your home or ask a close friend or relative if they want to have it at their house. 

Renting out a space can be pricy, so reach out to people you know first to see if they can help you.

Now that we discussed planning your holiday bash, let’s dive into all the holiday themes you could pick for your party. 

Holiday party theme ideas for adults

1. Winter Solstice celebration

Pick this party theme if you want to celebrate the shortest day of the year. Get all mystical with some pagan ritual-esque activities and bring out your inner druid.

Are you confused about how to decorate your winter solstice party? If so, check out this article about winter solstice decorations.

2. Holiday cocktail party

Cook up some tasty appetizers and signature holiday cocktails to impress your guests. So get ready to host a Christmas bash that’ll have everyone talking! 

3. Speak-easy Christmas 

Are you Feeling nostalgic for the Prohibition era? If so, throw a 1920s speak-easy Christmas bash. It can have secret passwords and jazzy Christmas tunes playing in the background.

Don’t forget to add “Santa baby, hurry down the chimney tonight to your playlist.

4. Sagittarius-themed party

Throw a party with a theme based on the Sagittarius zodiac sign. You can have a centaur-themed party and show off your arrow-shooting skills.

5. Post-holiday party

Keep the party going with a post-holiday bash that will make everyone forget about their impending credit card bills. Throwing a post-holiday party is a great way to keep the festivities going.

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6. Holiday disco party

Plan a party with a disco theme to dance the night away during the holidays. For the best winter-themed party ever, deck your halls with disco balls. Make your winter celebration dynamite! 

Can you dig it? 

7. Holiday Whiskey-tasting party 

If you want to host a holiday wine-and-cheese party, consider the following. How about a whiskey-tasting gathering? Swap the wine for top-shelf whiskey and host a tasting party that’ll make Ron Swanson proud.

8. Chanukah-mas party

For all our friends who celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, plan a Chanukah-mas party. You can spruce up your party with dreidels and mistletoe. 

This party combines Chanukah and Christmas to honor our friends who are part of the Jewish faith.  

Funny Christmas party themes for adults

Ditch the boring winter party ideas and embrace the fun with these adult winter party ideas. These fun holiday themes will make your holiday gathering a memorable one. 

I’ve got a sleigh full of hilarious and fun Christmas party themes that’ll knock those Christmas socks right off.

9. Charlie Brown-themed party

Have a hilarious Charlie Brown-themed Christmas bash! Have a Charlie Brown Christmas theme, where you and your guest dress up as your favorite Christmas Peanut characters. This theme is a fun and classic way to bring a nostalgic feel to the party.

10. Grinch Who Stole Christmas-themed party

And speaking of nostalgia, why not channel your inner Grinch and have a “Grinch who stole Christmas” theme? Get your green outfits and practice your best “Grinch!” impression.

Don’t forget to bring out “who hash” and invite your guests. They will love your twist on Grinch-inspired party finger food.

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11. Holiday TV series marathon

If laid-back holiday vibes are your thing, why not have a holiday TV series marathon? 

You can binge-watch all those cheesy Christmas specials while sipping eggnog or hot cocoa. 

Or get into the holiday groove by binge-watching your favorite holiday episodes from TV shows or sitcoms. 

12. White elephant gift exchange

Let’s get to the gift exchange part, must we? Bring on the White Elephant gift exchange, also known as the white elephant party. Invite your party guests to bring cheap gifts. 

Prepare yourself for some hilarious and bizarre presents that will have everyone laughing and having fun ( this party theme is also perfect for those who prefer low-budget parties).

13. Holiday dance party

Kick off the holiday season and bust out your best dance moves at a rocking holiday dance party! 

Grab your friends, put on your dancing shoes, and get ready to showcase your best dance moves in a night full of festive fun.

14. Naughty or nice costume party

If you want to spice things up, why not throw a naughty or nice costume bash? Will your guests come to your party to make things merry and bright? Or will they unleash their mischievous elf alter ego and cause a little trouble?

Get your naughty or nice on and attend a costume party full of mischief! 

Holiday party activities for adults

Now that you have a chill theme for your party, don’t stop there. Your guests need to party entertainment during your bash. 

Soley relaying on your party theme and food is a big no-no!

Forget the awkward small talk and never-ending eggnog. It’s time to bring out the big guns of holiday party activities for adults. 

Do you need to figure out what party games or winter party entertainment to have at your shindig? 

If the answer is yes, check out these fun Christmas games below:

15. Wrapping paper mache

Your guests can split up into teams and compete to create the most fabulous paper mache sculptures using leftover wrapping paper.

16. Holiday origami making

Fold and twist your way into holiday bliss with a Holiday Origami Making station. After guests finish working on holiday origami, ask them to hang their holiday creations on your tree.

17. Holiday mad-libs

If you’re a fan of wordplay, you won’t want to miss doing Holiday Mad-Libs, where you can create hilarious holiday stories together.

18. Holiday Trivia

Test your knowledge of all things festive with Holiday Trivia.  Holiday Trivia games are perfect for nerdy Christmas party fun.

19. Gingerbread house competition

Brace yourselves for the ultimate Gingerbread House Competition. Watch your friends turn gingerbread and frosting into Holiday masterpieces.

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20. Holiday gift wrap selfie-station

Strike a pose and snap some fabulous pictures at holiday gift wrap Selfie-Station. You can make holiday-themed photoprops. Guests can take the photos home as a party favor once your party is over.

21. Stocking stuffer scavenger hunt

How about a stocking stuffer scavenger hunt? Everyone can search for hidden Christmas treats and trinkets.

22. Holiday obstacle course

Tackle a Holiday Obstacle Course. Get your guests excited to complete your holiday obstacle course. It can include wrapping presents blindfolded and navigating a maze of Christmas lights.

23. Create a recycled holiday card garland

For all you holiday craft lovers, Why not get crafty and create a recycled holiday card garland to add some festive cheer to your party decorations?

24. Christmas tree decorating competition

Let the Christmas tree decorating competition bring out the creative spirit in each guest. 

Bring your A-game and let the twinkle lights, ornaments, and garland shine!

25. Holiday Candle-making party

25. Holiday Candle-making party

For the more hands-on guests, a candle-making party is a great way to get everyone involved and take home a personalized souvenir.

Get your hands messy and get into the holiday spirit in the art of candle making at our Candle Making Party.

So, now that you have a better idea about hosting a winter party, Put on your elf hats and get ready to jingle with a night full of laughter and festive fun! 

What holiday celebration idea do you like the most? 

Leave a comment below.

As always,

Happy holidays,

Happy celebrating!


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