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How to plan a gender reveal party on a budget parents-to-be will swoon over!

Are you getting ready to reveal the gender of your soon-to-be baby? If so, you don’t have to break the bank to throw a fun and festive party!

A gender-reveal party is a milestone in any parent-to-be’s life. 

Revealing the gender of your baby is a special occassion that parents-to-be can look forward to celebrating.

In this blog post, I’ll share tips for planning a budget-friendly gender reveal party that all your friends and family will swoon over. 

Here are some cheap gender-reveal party ideas to make :

How to plan a gender reveal party on a budget

1. Choose a simple gender-reveal party theme

Choose a simple gender-reveal party theme that fits your budget. 

Simple gender-reveal ideas

Some cheap and easy ideas include:

-Prince or princess: Use plastic or make paper crowns for each guest to wear and decorate with their accessories.

– Bows or bowties: Buy or make bows and bowties for each guest to wear.

– Lips or mustaches: Give each guest a pair of plastic lips or mustaches. You can make straws with lips or mustaches on them as well.

*Gender reveal party planning tip: If you’re tired of traditional blue and pink. 

Opt for different shades of blue and pink to modernize your party. 

Navy blue and mauve or coral and seafoam are a few color combinations you can try.

2. Plan your gender reveal party during the day

Plan your gender reveal party during the day to save money on lighting and decorations. This way, you won’t need to worry about turning on any lights or setting up a dance floor.

3. Serve snacks, not meals for your guests


Instead of having a buffet, provide lighter snacks for your guests.

You can serve inexpensive treats such as popcorn or chips and dip.

4. Keep the party time short and sweet


Keep the gender reveal party short and sweet to save time, energy, and money. Limit the festivities to an hour or so.

5. Create contrast with your gender-reveal party decorations


Use cheap gender-reveal party decorations with contrast to make the event look exciting. Try to get creative with color schemes. 

6. Create a gender reveal pinata


It’s a fun and interactive element that all your guests will love! 

Instead of putting candy in the pinata, you can use blue or pink confetti.

7. DIY gender-reveal balloons


Instead of buying pre-filled gender-reveal balloons, use your helium tank, and fill them with blue or pink confetti. 

Balloons are cheap and look great when you fill them with confetti.

8. Create a DIY photo booth


Use a DIY photobooth and provide props that match the gender of the baby maybe. Some examples would be blue bow ties or pink tutus.

 Cheap gender-reveal party ideas

pregnant couple facing each other holding hands

9. #Team boy, #Team girl

Invite your guests to wear colors representing what they think the gender of the baby will be. Break your guests up into groups of #Team girl or #team boy.

If you have enough money, buy stickers or buttons for guests to show their team spirit. 

They can say, #team girl and #team boy. The buttons or stickers make inexpensive party favors also.

14. We can bearly wait

Decorate your gender-reveal party with teddy bears and woodland-themed decorations. 

Teddy bears are gender-neutral. Teddy bears make a simple theme for your party.

15. New kid on the block

You can use legos or wooden baby blocks as decorations.

For the big reveal, you can spell out the gender of the baby in blocks.

16. Throw a Baby Q

Throwing a gender-reveal BBQ is a great way to save money! Ask your guests to bring a dish and enjoy a delicious BBQ.

17. Popping bottles

You can buy plastic blue and pink baby bottles and have your guests guess their gender by popping them. 

 Fill plastic baby bottles with tissue paper or confetti to give your party decorations a festive look.

18. Out of this world

A galaxy-themed gender-reveal party is a unique and fun way to reveal the gender of your baby.

Your family and friends can use the planets mars and venus to guess the baby’s gender.

What to buy for a gender reveal party? 

When it comes to what to buy for a gender reveal, you don’t need to go overboard. Here are a few items that will make the party special on a low budget:


19. Gender reveal decorations


Forgo the centerpieces and focus on a decorative focal point to capture the attention of your guests.

Buy balloons, banners, streamers, confetti poppers, and materials to create signage.

Paper lanterns and garlands are cheap and reusable for future celebrations.

Have one focal point like a DIY photo or a sign-in table to throw a more cost-effective party.

20. Use cheap partyware


Opt for paper plates, cups, and napkins instead of plastic to save money.

21. Cheap gender-reveal games 

It’s important to keep your guests entertained with cheap gender-reveal games. 

You can create your own guessing game using a jar from a dollar store. 

Cheap food ideas for gender reveal party


22. Make a fruit platter

If you don’t want to serve lots of candy sweets at your gender-reveal party, use fruit. 

Serve a fruit platter with blue and red/pink fruits.

23. Create a yogurt parfait bar


Create a yogurt parfait bar with cheap ingredients like granola, yogurt, and berries. 

Buy tubs of yogurt for dipping sauce for your platter. Add food dye to turn them pink and blue. 

Or you can buy strawberry and blueberry-flavored yogurt pre-made to save time.


24. Have a donut tower topped with blue or pink icing

One of the cheap gender-reveal food ideas is to get a doughnut tower topped with blue or pink icing.

A donut tower will be a hit with your guests and is cheap to make.

25. Create a taco bar

Create a taco bar with various toppings in blue and pink colors. You can use blue tortilla chips and pink salsa.

26. Buy less expensive bubbly

Instead of serving champagne, you can buy Spanish cava as a champagne alternative.

Cheap gender-reveal party favors

27. Personalized gender-reveal stickers


You can stick them on edible favors for your guests.

28. Gender-reveal sparklers


Sparklers are cheap and a fun way to light up your party. They are also great for revealing gender at your party.

29. Gender-reveal confetti poppers

If you decide to buy gender-reveal poppers, personalize them with DIY labels.

Cheap places to have a gender reveal party

30. Throw your gender reveal party at home


Opt for a backyard party. If the weather doesn’t permit- create a cozy gathering in your living room. 

31.  Check out local parks


Check with your local parks to see if you can get a permit to host your gender reveal party in the park.

32.  Book a space at a community center 

Many community centers offer cheap rentals for parties. 

Check with your local community center to see if they have affordable options available.

33.  Host your party at a restaurant or cafe

Many restaurants and cafes offer private rooms for small parties. 

Throwing a cheap gender reveal party doesn’t have to be complicated.

By keeping your theme simple and incorporating some DIY elements, you can save money without sacrificing style or fun.

A few personal touches can make your gender-reveal party special without breaking the bank.

Remember to add some contrasting decor to make your gender-reveal pop!

I hope these tips helped you plan a cheap gender reveal party that your family and friends will love! 

What are your favorite tips for throwing a successful gender reveal party on a budget? 

Leave a comment below!

As Always, happy celebrating!

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