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14 chic yet cheap bachelorette party ideas that’ll put pricy ones to their knees!

Are you planning your best friend’s bachelorette party on a budget and feeling overwhelmed?

Maybe your bride-to-be prefers a bachelorette party over a bridal or wedding shower

Now you’re stuck figuring out what to do.

No need to stress out. 

I’ve put together a list of fourteen cheap bachelorette party ideas to help you.

Before we get into that, let’s dispel common misconceptions about bachelorette parties:

-Bachelorette parties have to be expensive to be chic. 

This statement is not valid at all!

You can pull off a fabulous bachelorette party without breaking the bank.

– Bachelorette parties have to be raunchy and include strippers. 

Again, not true at all! 

It’s the bride’s night to celebrate her pending nuptials, and she should get to dictate the tone.

 If the bride-to-be isn’t into clubbing or getting rowdy, don’t force it! 

FAQs about bachelorette parties:

Q. Who pays for the bachelorette party? 

A. There is no strict rule, but traditionally the Maid of Honor pays for or plans the party. 

But, sometimes friends go in together to split the cost.

Q.Hen party vs bachelorette party, what’s the difference? 

A. You may have heard the phrase hen party while planning your bachelorette celebration. 

Hen party means the same thing! The term Hen party is used in the UK, Ireland, and Australia. 

In the US, a bachelorette party is a more popular term.

How to plan a bachelorette party on a budget

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These tips listed below will help you save money on planning your bachelorette party:

A. Determine if you want to throw a bachelorette party or bachelorette activity 

The first step to planning a bachelorette party on a budget is to decide what you want to do for entertainment. 

Do you want to plan one activity for your guests? Or, do you want to plan smaller ones?

Once you decide on whether you’re throwing a traditional party or an activity, it’s easier to plan.

B. Figure out the cost per person first 

Instead of setting a budget and then figuring out the cost per person, do the opposite. 

Calculating the costs per person first will help you avoid sticker shock. 

It’ll also help you get a realistic sense of how much you need to cover the cost of your bachelorette party.

C. Be realistic about your guest list. 

Inviting everyone you know is tempting, but a smaller guest list will help keep costs down.

D. Split the cost of your bachelorette party with the bridal party.

Ask everyone to chip in to help with food, drinks, decorations, and activities.

E. Reduce the number of days of your bachelorette celebration 

A bachelorette party doesn’t have to last an entire weekend. If you can, keep it to one night or even a day.

According to theknot.com, the average cost for a bachelorette party is $773 for a 3-day celebration.

If you’re throwing a bachelorette party on a budget, $773 is way too much to spend.

The average cost for a one-day bachelorette party is $317. 

That’s almost half the price!

Keep these tips in mind as you browse the list of Bachelorette party activities and cheap bachelorette party ideas below:

Cheap bachelorette party ideas

1. Rent a local party bus or trolley

Many cities have these available for reasonably priced rates.

Renting a local party bus or trolley is a great way to get the party started early and keep it going all night long!

It’s also a good idea if you want to bar-hop without worrying about driving home.

2. Take a class

Sign the bride-to-be and her guest up to take burlesque or aerial yoga classes.

Taking a class is a great way to get everyone moving and giggling before heading out for the night.

3. Throw a bachelorette party at home 

Have everyone come to your place for pre-party snacks and drinks.

4. Book a Local cruise ship or ferry ride 

 Check if your local city offers any sightseeing cruises or ferry rides.

Going on a local cruise or a ferry ride is a great way to take in the sights while sipping champagne with guests.

Bachelorette theme ideas

Choose a simple bachelorette party theme that reflects the bride’s personality.

Remember, you can buy a few premium party items to fit the theme, but they aren’t necessary.

Now let’s move on to some fun and cheap bachelorette party ideas that your bride-to-be will love:


5. What a catch-(Boho-inspired party).

Are you planning a boho-themed bachelorette party?

 If you are, why not consider a dream catcher boho-themed party? 

You can decorate with dream catchers, feathers, and lots of greenery.

If the bride-to-be is an artsy type, your guests can make dream catchers and can take them home as favors. 

Another party favor idea you can do is give out mini personalized candles.

6. Vino before vows

Take a weekend trip to a winery in your home state.  Spend the day sampling wines and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

7. Roast and toast

If your bride-to-be loves the great outdoors, consider planning a glamping-themed party. You can even roast s’mores over a fire!

8. The Last nightie out in the town

Kick off the festivities with a dinner party with the bride’s closest girlfriends.

After dinner, hit the town for some drinks and dancing. 

9. Sambady’s getting married!

Does your bride-to-be love to dance? If so, throw her a Brazilian carnival-themed party! 

A Brazilian carnival-themed party is a great way to let loose and have fun before the big day.


women at carnival themed bachelorette party

Pro tip: To get the most bang for your buck, save your leftover beaded necklaces and feathered masks. 

Use the party supplies to throw other themed parties for Mardi gras or Halloween!

10. Bon voyage beaches

Visit a local beach resort for the day. Enjoy some tropical drinks by the water and relax before the big day. 

Planning a beach bachelorette party is the perfect option for brides who want a low-key event.

11. Last flaming-le ( retro flamingo-themed party) 

Throwing a retro-themed flamingo bachelorette party is a great way to have a unique and fun party. 

You can do a hot pink, black, and lime green color scheme. Decorate your party with flamingo and black sunglasses, tassel garlands, and palm fronds.

Use a party color scheme to avoid splurging on unnecessary party decorations. 

12. Main Squeeze- (lemon or citrus-themed party)

 Plan a bachelorette brunch with mimosas or spiked lemonade.

You can buy citrus fruits and decorate your venue. Buy toothpicks to make flags that match your bachelorette party theme.

13. Donut forget about us” (donut-themed party)

Plan a Bachchelorette breakfast at a local donut shop. Get creative and have custom donuts made for your party. Or you can keep it simple and buy a few dozen of your favorite flavors.

14. Last rodeo

Go to happy hour at a local bar with a mechanical bull. You can have a contest for who can stay on the bull the longest.

If you can’t find a bar with a mechanical bull, opt for a rustic-themed bar. 

Ask the owner if you can rent out a section for your party and decorate it with cowboy hats, boots, and lassos.

Add more party decorations by hanging cowboy hats and signs from the ceiling or doorways. 

The bar can put a temporary sign that says “last rodeo” or “Bride-to-be’s last ride”.

a bride to be and her guests at cowboy themed bachelorette party

Cheap bachelorette party decorations

If you’re wondering where to get cheap bachelorette party decorations, you can find them for a few dollars online.

If you’re shopping online, buy decorations at Oriental trading company or Kate aspen.

These websites have a lot of fun and unique party supplies that will help you save money.

Oriental trading does price matches and offers free shipping on orders of $49. 

Orientaltrading.com has coupon codes and sales on its website often.

Kate Aspen runs sales on their website often too.

Pro Tip: 

Buy your bachelorette party favors during the off-season. 

For example, if you’re throwing a summer bachelorette party, buy it in the winter.

This way, you can get them on clearance after the holidays.

Cheap bachelorette party favors

Before you think about splurging on bachelorette party favors, consider these options below:

-A Crown (for the bride-to-be)



-tank tops

-hair ties



-stemless wine glasses

These are a few ideas, but there are many affordable and unique bachelorette party favors.

Now that I shared these cheap bachelorette party ideas, 

It’s time to celebrate your bride-to-be in style.

We hope they help make your bachelorette party planning cheaper for you!

 Which of these ideas did you like best?

If you have any other tips or tricks up your sleeve, share them in the comments below! 

I can’t wait to hear about what you pick to celebrate this special occasion!

As always,

Happy celebrating!

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