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30 Winter birthday ideas that every adult needs try this year!

Are you looking for fun winter birthday ideas that adults can enjoy? 

Keep reading to find out how you can make your winter birthday celebration the best day ever!

Some Winter birthday ideas can lean too much on the holiday side. I’m a winter baby. So, I can relate. Winter birthdays can be tricky to plan out.

Although planning a winter birthday celebration may seem overwhelming, it’s not that hard.

Here are some helpful tips to start planning your unforgettable winter birthday : 

Plan your birthday in Advance

Plan your winter birthday party about 2-3 months in advance. Start letting your guest know for at least 6-8 weeks. 

  Ditch the holiday music 

Avoid playing any holiday music at your winter birthday party. It’s great to get into the holiday spirit, but the goal is to get people into the mood to celebrate your birthday.

Add a touch of holiday spirit

Let’s face it. Many great things happen during the winter. Season merch and food are everywhere during this time. 

Find aspects that you love about winter and use them as inspiration for your winter birthday. Pick one or two things that you enjoy and use them at your winter birthday party. 

Give them what they want by adding a touch of the winter holiday spirit. Your party guests will expect winter inspiration at your birthday party. 

You can do something as simple as serving spiked egg nog at your birthday party. Or you could pass out small boxes of heart-shaped chocolates as party favors. 

Get creative

Coming up with birthday ideas for winter is not a bunch of bah humbug (yes, pun intended). It’s so much fun! 

Reach out to your family and loved ones to help you come up with winter birthday ideas. 

After all, you and your party guests should have an epic birthday experience!

How to celebrate a birthday in the winter for an adult?

Pick indoor or outdoor birthday activities that are popular to do during the winter. If you decide to have a birthday party in the winter, make sure your venue or location is open for the season.

Where to have a birthday winter party?

1. Rent a cabin or book a room at a ski lodge for the weekend 

Book your birthday party at a ski lodge. Hit the slopes and go skiing. Renting a cabin is a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday too. 

You’ll have so many birthday memories and you to have a great time if you do.

2. Coffee house 

Rent event space at a coffee house.

2 lattes at a coffee shop

3. Restaurant 

Opt to have a birthday dinner at your favorite restaurant. Some restaurants have rooms for private dining that are available year-round.

4. Hotel

Book a hotel staycation for your birthday.

5. Day Spa with Sauna  

 Grab a few close friends and head straight to the sauna or hot tub to enjoy a relaxing birthday. 

Using national days as birthday inspiration is a great way to find winter party themes.

If you’re looking for other places to have your birthday party check out my post called,

Adult birthday party venues you should book now!

December birthday ideas for adults

There are many things to celebrate in December besides Hannukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Year. 

So without further or do, let’s take a closer look at some of the national days during this time.

5. December 15th is International Tea Day!

Throw a traditional tea party or celebrate your winter birthday at a tea lounge in your local area. 

6. December 28th is national card playing day.

Host a game night. Invite some of your friends and family over to play some good old-fashioned card games like Spades, Rumi, Poker, or Uno!

couple playing with cards

7. December 30th is bacon day. 

Did you know that National Bacon Day falls in December? Have a winter birthday breakfast to celebrate turning another year older.

For more December National Day birthday inspiration, click here.

January birthday ideas for adults

For whatever reason, People seem to have a hard time coming up with birthday ideas for January. Here are some National Day January birthday ideas you to consider.

8. January 6th is Sherlock Holmes’s birthday. 

Celebrate your and his birthday by doing an escape room activity.

9. January 2nd is National Science Fiction Day

Binge-watch your favorite sci-fi movies. If you’re into the fandom scene, have a Star Wars-themed party. This theme is a fantastic choice for any January birthday party!

10. January 8th is bubble bath day 

Opt to have a self-care birthday and pamper yourself. End your birthday with a nice hot bubble bath. 

11. January 20th is National Cheese Lover Day

Plan to have a Winter Cocktail party. Serve your party guests’ favorite cheesy appetizers with wine to celebrate your special day

For more January National Day birthday inspiration, click here.

February birthday ideas for adults

Use these national days for your February birthday party. 

11. February 2nd is national ukelele day. 

Have a luau-themed birthday party if your birthday falls on this day!

12. February 22nd is National Margarita Day

Serve your guest different flavored margaritas for your birthday. 

13. February 25th is National Pancake Day

Are you a pancake lover? If so, make sure to sign up for a free stack of birthday pancakes from IHOP during your birthday month!

For more February National Day birthday inspiration, click here.

March birthday ideas

If we are being technical here, the first day of spring starts on March 19th. With that said, here are a few national days in march worth using for your birthday celebration.

14. March 4th is World Book Day

Host your winter birthday party at a local bookstore.

15. March 8th is International Women’s Day

Choose a famous woman that you admire and use them as your birthday inspiration. If you are an art lover, using Frida Kahlo-inspired birthday decorations would be an excellent theme for your birthday.

16. March 10th is National Oreo Cookie Day

If you are an Oreo cookie lover, serve your guests deep-fried Oreos. Or you can have cookies and cream ice cream cake instead of traditional birthday cake.

For more National Day birthday inspiration, click here.

Winter birthday party ideas

Are you thinking about throwing a party in winter for your birthday?

A winter wonderland party is the default theme people think of for winter birthdays. It’s not the only winter birthday theme out there.

If you are having trouble coming up with a birthday theme, check out these winter party themes below:

17. Throw an astrology-themed birthday party. 

Use your zodiac sign as inspiration to decorate for your party. The winter astrology signs are Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. 

18. Winter barbeque

Host a Winter Barbeque birthday party. Grill your favorite foods. Your guest can make smores for dessert.

19. Aspen-themed birthday party

Do you love winter-inspired fashion? If so, Host an aspen-themed party and have your party guest show off their winter outfits.

20. Have a birthstone themed party

Each month has a birthstone. You can decorate your party based on the gem that matches your birthday month!

  • The birthstone for December is turquoise.
  • January’s Birthstone is Garnet.
  • The Birthstone for February is Amythest.
  • March’s birthstone is Aquamarine.

Things to do for your birthday in the winter

Some people prefer to do a birthday activity rather than throw a party. If that sounds like you, you’ll love these winter birthday activities for adults!

21. Visit a winter art exhibit 

Check your art galleries and museums in your local area to see what art exhibits are available. 

22. Winter shopping spree

Spend the day shopping for new winter clothing accessories or outfits. 

friends on shopping spree in the winter

23. Theater show or performance

Snag some theater tickets and watch your favorite play or live performance. 

24. Outdoor winter activities

Enjoy outdoor winter activities like renting a snowmobile and going snowboard surfing. Enjoy snow tubing, ice skating, or snowshoeing with your family and friends.

25. Take a cooking class 

Sign up for a cooking class to celebrate your birthday. Many culinary institutes teach cooking classes to the public for a reasonable price. 

26. Celebrate your birthday month

Who says you have to spend one day celebrating your birthday? During your birthday month, plan to do a few winter activities to celebrate turning a year older. 

27. Learn a new skill

Learn how to knit or croquet your scarf or other winter accessories you like.

28. Escape the cold weather

Plan a winter birthday escape. Travel to a part of the country that is warmer and enjoy the sunshine.

29. Birthday scavenger hunt

Host a virtual scavenger hunt for your birthday. 

30. Throw yourself a birthday party for charity

Charge an entrance fee to raise money for a local cause. Or have your guest bring nonperishable foods or clothing to your birthday bash. 

Give all the donations from your birthday party to a foundation or charity of your choice.  

there are so many other winter birthday themes to choose from. If you are looking for even more, read my blog post on holiday party themes for adults.

If you enjoyed these winter birthday ideas, make sure you check out my blog post on November birthday ideas for adults.

That’s all for now. 

What winter birthday ideas do you plan on doing this year?

Have you done any winter birthday ideas on this list? 

If so, leave your comments below.

Happy Celebrating!

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