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All the amazing things to do for your 20th birthday

So you’re turning 20 this year, but you are not sure how to celebrate your special day. You aren’t legal enough to drink, but you don’t want to do some of the same things that you did for previous birthdays. 

Instead of feeling bummed out about not having your first drink, focus on the positive about turning 20. 

Embrace the fact this is the last year will be a teenager! Say goodbye to your teen years by planning something that spectacular. Bring in your 20s by planning something epic.

Think outside of the box and get creative. Make sure you try something new. Find unique things to do for your 20th birthday. 

Your friends may not be able to throw a lavish 20th bash as Taylor Swift did for her BFF. Or spend 100,000 for your 20th birthday like Lindsay Lohan for her 20th birthday. You can read all about these extravagant celebrity birthdays celebrations on

You can still have an incredible birthday celebration.

Before we dive into these 20th birthday ideas below, let’s answer a few questions.


What color is 20th birthday?

Since a 20th birthday isn’t a milestone birthday, there are no official colors. According to, the colors for the 20th anniversary are emerald and white. You can choose to use these colors for your 20th birthday decor if you like.

Is 20 a milestone birthday?

Unfortunately, turning 20 is not turning 20 a milestone birthday. Yet, it’s a significant moment in a person’s life because you will no longer be a teenager. 

Why is a birthday special?

Turning 20 years old mean you’re one year shy of becoming a full-fledged legal adult! After the age of 19, you can start referring to yourself as being in your early 20s. 

Turning 20 years old also means that you are two decades old!

If that is not a reason to celebrate your 20th birthday, I don’t know what is.

What to do for your 20th birthday?

Many people think that throwing a party is the only way to celebrate a birthday. But believe it or not, there are so many things you can do instead. 

Planning activities to celebrate your special day helps any birthday a memorable one! 

For non-party birthday ideas, check out my blog post called what to do instead of having a birthday party.

20th birthday celebration ideas

Now that we went over some FAQs people have about turning 20, here are some fun things to do for your 20th birthday! 

1. Get a tattoo or piercing

If you love getting piercings or tattoos, get inked for your 20th birthday. 

2. book a hotel room

Book a night at a hotel or plan a weekend staycation for your 20th birthday if you want to stay close to home.

3. Rent a party bus

Skip the traditional banquet or party haul and throw your 20th birthday on a party bus. 

4. Get a tarot reading

See what the universe has in store for you, and book a tarot card reading. 

5. Buy or adopt a pet

If you’re an animal lover, head to the animal shelter or pet store for your birthday. Pick out a new friend to take home.

6. Paintball

Are you looking for something different do this birthday? Grab your close friends to play paintball. It will be a birthday experience worth talking about in the future. 

7. Birthday brunch

Head to the diner and have birthday brunch. If you’re planning to go to IHOP, make sure you get your free stack of birthday pancakes. 

Things to do on your 20th birthday in the summer

8. birthday scavenger

Invite your friends to participate in a scavenger hunt. If you need help with planning, you can use an app called let’s roam you create a customized scavenger hunt for your birthday! 

2 young adult women having a pillow fight

9. have a lazy day

When was the last time you stayed in your pajamas all day? For your 20th birthday, sleep in this year. 

Relax at home and unwind for the day. Catch up on your favorite novel series or binge-watch your favorite movies or sitcoms. Better yet call your BFF over to keep you company.

10. Get your hair or make-up done

Pamper yourself and leave getting glammed up to a professional. You can choose to get a new look or give yourself a long overdue trim. 

Where to celebrate your 20th birthday?

Are you wondering where to go for your 20th birthday? If so, take a look at these places below:

11. Go to a sporting event

Are you a huge sports fan? If so, route for your home team and head to the sports arena to celebrate your 20th birthday!

12. Complete an obstacle course

Go on an adventure for your birthday to celebrate your 20th birthday. Obstacle courses are not just for kid’s parties. They have them for adults as well!

You can book a session at a ninja gym or a parkour gym. Don’t worry If it’s your first time. Some locations offer beginner courses and training too.

13. blacklight bowling

Spend your birthday bowling with your friends. Make sure you go to a bowling alley with blacklight bowling to turn things up a natch. You and your friends will have an incredible time. 

billiard table with rack and pool balls

14. Play pool (billiards)

Grab your friends and rent pool tables to celebrate turning 20 this year.

If you’re looking for a place to play pool, check out Dave and Buster’s. It’s a great place to play billiards and enjoy virtual reality games too!

15. Go sightseeing with your friends

Take a day trip to a major city close by or visit a famous landmark. Visiting famous landmark is so much fun and make great photo ops too!

16. indoor skydiving

This activity is on lots of people’s birthday bucket lists. So if you haven’t done this already, plan a skydiving activity to create a birthday memory like no other. 

17. Throw a party

I know, I know. Throwing a party is a complete clique option. But if you’re looking for a fun 20th birthday party theme, you’re in luck. Since the official colors are emerald and white, you should plan an all-white party!

Things to do for your 20th birthday in the fall

18. Murder mystery dinner

Do you enjoy some chills, thrills, and suspense? If so, have a murder mystery dinner for your birthday. Murder mystery dinners are a perfect way to celebrate your 20th in the autumn months.

19. Visit a haunted house or go on a ghost tour

If you prefer seasonal birthday fun, consider heading to an amusement park like six flags. They have an event called fright fest in the fall. 

Another option to consider is booking a ghost tour. Paranormal activities are perfect for those birthday girls and boys who have birthdays near Halloween.

Be sure to check your local area to see if they have openings in the fall.

Things to do for your 20th birthday in the winter

young adult women snow tubing with younger boy and girl

20. Winter activities

If you’re celebrating your 20th birthday in the winter, consider trying out a winter sport. You can try riding on a snowmobile or snow tubing with loved ones.

Snow tubing is a good option if you want to spend your birthday with your family too!

21. Have a game night

Planning a game night is a fun way to celebrate your birthday. Particularly during the winter months. Did you know that December 28th is a national card playing day? 

You can host a game night and have your guest play classic card games like crazy 8s or spades.

For more winter birthday ideas, check out my blog post called, 

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Do you want more birthday ideas than the ones listed above? If so, have a look at these blog posts below:

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Now that you know about some fun things to do for your 20th birthday, which idea will you choose?

Leave a comment below.

Happy celebrating!

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