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25th birthday ideas for him he won’t regret!

25 is the age when you can finally start renting cars without paying extra. When a person reaches their mid 20’s, this would be the perfect time in your life to celebrate your 25th birthday in style.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect idea for your boyfriend or the special birthday guy in your life.

But, before we get into it, here is the answer to the question many people have been waiting to know about turning 25.

Is 25 a milestone birthday?

Is 25 a milestone birthday or another ordinary age? The truth is that the answer is no! 

Unfortunately, the 21st birthday is a birthday milestone and is the only milestone birthday that a person has during their 20s.

Did you know that 25 is the official age when your brain becomes fully developed

Although you become a legal adult at 18, you’re not a full-fledged adult until you reach the age of 25.

Turning 25 may not be a milestone birthday. You can still do something special to celebrate your birthday. 

What to do for your 25th birthday

There are a lot of things to do to celebrate the 25th birthday! 

You can plan a birthday activity for your birthday guy or throw him a themed party.

Do you need the perfect 25th birthday celebration idea for him?

If so, here are some 25th birthday ideas to consider below.

25th birthday ideas for him

1. DJ or guitar lessons 

For the music lover in your life, gift him DJ or guitar lessons. Signing up for DJ or guitar lessons is a fun new skill to learn while making great music.

close up of man playing acoustic guitar

2. Complete an obstacle course

Get the adrenaline pumping with an obstacle course race. Completing an obstacle course is a great way to get competitive with friends and family.

3. Fresh cut at the barbershop

For the dapper gentleman in your life, a fresh cut at the barbershop is a must. 

If he’s growing out his beard, consider buying him a grooming kit to keep his locks long and lush.

4. Ninja warrior course

If your birthday guy is into fitness, why not challenge him to a ninja warrior course? 

Doing a ninja warrior course is the perfect way to show off his strength and agility.

5. Head to a Parkour park 

For the thrill seeker, a parkour park is a perfect birthday activity. He can test his limits and see how far he can push himself. Be sure to invite his friends to join in the fun too!

6. Themed dining

Make his birthday dinner special with a themed restaurant. He can choose from many options like an old western saloon or a steakhouse.

Or better yet, surprise him by booking a reservation at a themed restaurant you know he will love!

7. Go on a Ghost Tour 

For the thrill-seeker, a ghost tour is a perfect way to celebrate his 25th birthday. Your birthday guy will get to explore some of the most haunted places in the city.

8. Rock climbing

Rock climbing is great if your birthday guy loves a good challenge. He can test his strength and endurance while enjoying the scenic views.

9. Book a Segway tour

If your birthday guy loves to explore, a Segway tour is the perfect way to see the city. 

Your birthday guy can learn about the history and culture while zipping around town.

10. Boat rental

For the water-lover, renting a boat is a great way to spend his birthday. Rent a boat and spend the day on the water. He can relax and enjoy the sun while cruising around the lake.

mid 20s man fishing on rented boat

11. Learn a new skill 

Does your birthday guy interested in starting a new hobby?

If so, sign him up for a class. 

He can take an animation class or gain a new hobby like woodworking.

12. Play laser tag

Play laser tag like a kid again! Laser tag is a great way to relieve stress and have some fun.

13. Attend a sporting event

Attend a live sporting event to get his adrenaline pumping. 

Your birthday guy can root for his favorite team and enjoy stadium snacks and drinks.

14. Watch a live performance

Does your birthday guy have a favorite music artist or enjoy live entertainment? If so, take him to see a band or a comedian that he loves.

15. Plan a birthday staycation

Are you looking for a 25th birthday idea for him that is closer to home? If so, plan the ultimate birthday staycation.

Spend the day at a local boutique hotel or a luxury air BnB rental. He can relax and enjoy the amenities for his birthday.

16. Book a driving experience 

For the car enthusiast, there are many driving experiences to do. 

Your birthday guy can get behind the wheel of a luxury car or even a race car.

17. Flying experiences 

If your birthday guy loves adventure, choose a flying experience for him to complete. He can go skydiving, take a helicopter ride, or even a plane.

18. Visit a famous landmark or park 

If your birthday guy loves to travel, have him visit a famous landmark or park. 

Visiting a landmark or national park is a great way to spend his birthday. He can explore the area and take in the sights.

25th birthday party ideas for him

19. Manwich party

Does the man in your life love sandwiches? Then, this is the party for him! Manwich party features a variety of sandwiches for him to enjoy. 

Buy packs of cold cuts and condiments and have your guests create the sandwich they want. 

Throwing a Manwich party is a great 25th birthday idea if you need to host his birthday party at home.

20. 90’s Hip-Hop party

For the birthday guy who loves classic hip-hop like Wu tang clan, or Tupac, throw him a 90’s hip-hop-themed party. He can jam out to his favorite tunes and dress up in his best 90’s gear.

21. Futuristic-themed party 

For the guy who loves all things futuristic, this party is for him. He can wear his best sci-fi gear to celebrate turning 25.

22. Hipster-themed party

For the free-spirited birthday guy, throw him a hipster-themed party. Serve craft beer and artisan cheeses. Don’t forget to add a few mustache decorations at his party too. 

23. Adult superhero party

If your birthday guy is into superheroes, this party theme is for him. He can dress up as his favorite superhero and enjoy a night with his comic book enthusiasts. 

24. Bacon-themed party

For the birthday guy who enjoys eating bacon, this party is for him. He can enjoy a variety of bacon-themed dishes and drinks. 

Throwing a food-themed party is also an inexpensive way to have fun. Read my blog post on planning a birthday party on a budget if you need more ideas. 

25. Gamer birthday party

Does that special guy in your life love playing video games? 

If so, level up and throw him the ultimate gamer party. He can enjoy a variety of gaming-themed activities or virtual challenges.

You can throw him a legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros party if he’s a classic gamer. He’ll appreciate these nostalgic birthday themes. 

25th birthday celebration ideas

26. Take a class 

Celebrate his 25th birthday by having him take a class in mixed martial arts or break dancing.

27. Spend the day with your partner

Plan a romantic day or a fun day out with your partner.

You and your birthday guy can plan a weekend birthday trip or go on a birthday date.

couple on a birthday date

It doesn’t matter if you want to plan something unique or want to make him feel extra special on his 25th birthday.

So, what will you do to make your birthday guy’s 25-year-old birthday unforgettable? 

Check out these great ideas and choose the perfect one for your guy! 

Share 25th birthday celebration ideas in the comments below.

I’d love to hear from you.

As always, happy birthday,

Happy celebrating!

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