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30 Spectacular 30th birthday party theme ideas for your next bash!

According to some people, 30 is the new 20. So it’s no surprise many people are planning to throw epic birthday bashes to celebrate this milestone!

If you need 30th birthday inspiration, here are some 30th birthday party theme ideas. There’s sure to be one perfect for your personality and style!

But, before we get into today’s topic, here are a few tips to consider when choosing your party theme. 

A. Pick a birthday theme with a personality

If you’re having your 30th birthday at home, make your party theme stand out.

Do this by picking out a good color scheme and birthday theme. You don’t want to end up with a lackluster celebration.

You can also buy a birthday dress or outfit for your party and plan your 30th party theme around it.

By doing so, guests will be in the mood to celebrate as soon as they arrive!

B. Over-the-hill birthday party alternatives

If you want to avoid the typical “over the hill” jokes about getting old, stay away from any themes that focus on your age.

Instead, focus on fun and festive themes that will make everyone happy!

C. Color scheme is not a birthday theme

Believe it or not, many people seem to think that it is. So be sure to choose an actual theme for your parties, such as Parisian or cheers and beers.

D. Show your party guests some love

Buy party favors or thank you cards that match your 30th party theme. Show appreciation and gratitude to your guests by sending home a little piece of the party with them!

Now that you have some tips to get started, here are 30 30th birthday party ideas to get the party started!

30th birthday party theme ideas

Here are 30 birthday party themes that are sure to impress!

1. 2000’s themed party 

Did you spend most of your childhood growing up during the Y2K era? If so, throwing a 2000’s themed party is the perfect party theme for you.

So, dust off your iPod and have your guests dance to some of the best music from the decade.

2. Tiki-themed party

 Have your friends and loved ones over for a day of fun and tropical drinks as you celebrate your 30th birthday.

3. 29ish birthday party 

Throwing a 29ish birthday is the perfect idea for people who want to celebrate your last year in your twenties! 

Watch the clock as you countdown to your 30th birthday.

4. Tropical-themed birthday 

Throwing a tropical-themed party is perfect if you love the beach and island flair! Invite your friends over for a night of fun in the sun.

5. Tye die-themed party 

Hosting a tye die-themed party is a good option for the people who love colorful fun! 

Your friends will enjoy tie-dye shirts, dresses, or even socks!

30th birthday backyard party ideas

Throwing a birthday party in your backyard is an excellent way to save money.

If you need more affordable birthday ideas, check out my blog post on how to have a birthday on a budget.

6. Chilli cook-off 

A chili cook-off is the perfect party theme if you love to cook and compete! Have a chili cook-off with your friends and see who can make the best batch.

7. Backyard Barbque

Planning a backyard is a classic party idea that is always a hit! Fire up the grill and have a fun-filled night with your friends to enjoy BBQ favorites.

Family enjoying a backyard bbq party

8. Throw a backyard fish fry 

A backyard fish fry is a great party idea for those who love to fish! Invite your friends over for a night of fun and fried fish.

9. Have a seafood broil 

Are you a huge seafood lover! Invite your friends over for a fun-filled night enjoying fresh seafood.

10. Hibachi-themed party

Throwing a hibachi-themed party is great if you love Japanese food! Have a hibachi chef come to your party and cook some delicious food for your guests.

11. Backyard bonfire 

Hosting a bonfire in your backyard is an excellent idea if want a campground vibe for your party. 

 Invite your friends over for a night of fun around the fire.

30th birthday party themes for her

12. Plan a Zodiac theme party

You’re a star, literally! So have a party that celebrates it by hosting a zodiac-themed party. 

If you’re not into astrology, you can use colorstrology as theme inspiration instead.

13. Colorstrology (birth month color) themed party

Are you looking to celebrate your birthday all month long? If so, use colorstrology as your birthday inspiration.

Have a party with your friends and use the color that matches your birth month.

14. 30th birthday tea party theme

It’s tea time! Invite your friends over for a tea party complete with delicious food, or a dessert table and, of course, tea! 

Are you tired of attending traditional tea parties? If so, shake things up by having an Alice and wonderland tea party. 

You can also do a Mad hatter tea party theme to celebrate your 30th birthday.

15. Boho 30th birthday party

Throwing a boho-themed party is a great theme idea for those who love the bohemian lifestyle! Invite your friends over for a night of fun and free-spiritedness.

16. Havanna nights themed party 

Who doesn’t love Cuban food and music! Invite your friends over for a night of fun as you celebrate your 30th birthday Cuban-style.

17. Host a birthday brunch

Birthday brunch is a great party idea who love breakfast food! Invite your friends over for a birthday brunch. Serve them a spread of delicious breakfast foods.

18. Dirty 30 party theme

If you’re trying to stray away from the traditional dirty 30-party themes, ex. 30 suck or 30 blows, then go for it!

You can get classic pin-up girl or burlesque party decorations for your 30th birthday.

19. Tarot card party

Celebrating your solar return, are you? If so, you can hire a tarot card reader for your birthday party. 

Having a tarot card theme party is great for those who are into astrology and tarot cards! 

Have your cards read and see what the future holds for you.

30th birthday dinner party ideas

20. Sushi dinner party 

For those who love sushi, plan a sushi dinner party for your party guests. 

They will love eating delicious sushi and other Japanese-inspired birthday treats with you.

21. Farm-to-table dinner party

Do you enjoy farmer’s markets? If so, Invite your friends over for a night of good food and good company. Your guests will love how fresh your dishes taste.

22. Soup dinner party

Make different types of soup, stews, and chowders, and have your party guests over for a soup-er night!

23. Asian dumpling night 

Having an Asian dumpling night is a great party idea for those who love Asian food! 

Roll up your sleeves for a night of delicious dumplings and good company.

30th birthday party themes for him

Young man with red party blower celebrating his 30th birthday

24. Plan an adult scavenger hunt party for adults

Adult scavenger hunts are a great party idea for those who love to be active and have a competitive streak!

It’ll be a 30th birthday bash full of fun and games as you search for clues that lead you to the prize.

25. Trampoline party 

Have a trampoline party in your backyard. Or you can book your birthday party at a trampoline park, like sky zone.

26. Fiesta-themed party

 Invite your friends over for a night of delicious tacos and margaritas. ‘Taco about a party”!

27. Thirsty 30 party theme

Have a mixology party with cocktails and mini appetizers. You can hire a mixologist and have your guest try different drinks. 

Don’t forget to buy a 30th birthday cake with your favorite flavor and toppings.

28. Pop-culture-themed party 

Do you like a particular tv show? Or is there a movie franchise you love? If so, use it as your party inspiration.

Your favorite book series can also be an excellent source for a 30th birthday party. You can also have a DIY photo booth with props related to your theme.

29. Star wars themed party

Speaking of movies, a Star Wars-themed party is a perfect idea for your fan of the movie franchise! 

Have your party guests dress up as their favorite characters. May the thirties be with you!

30. Have a costume party

Your birthday doesn’t have to fall on Halloween to throw a costume party. Your friends can dress up as their favorite characters. They’ll have a fun night celebrating your 30th birthday. 

So, what will your 30th birthday party theme be? Will you choose something classic and elegant or a more creative option?

The choice is yours!

I hope this article has helped to give you some ideas. I can’t wait to see the 30th birthday celebration ideas you choose.

Leave a comment below and share what 30th birthday theme is your favorite.

As always, happy birthday!

Happy celebrating!

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