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20 last-minute 40th birthday ideas for wife that won’t leave you in the dog house

Let’s face it. Everybody makes mistakes now and then. Forgetting your wife’s birthday may be one of yours. If you’re looking for last-minute 40th birthday ideas for your wife, then keep reading!

Before racking your brain about what to buy, consider these ideas in this blog post first. 

It may be too late to buy your wife a birthday gift online if her birthday falls on the same day. 

Celebrating the 40th birthday is a huge milestone. If you’re shopping for a birthday gift for your wife at the last minute, prepare to go above and beyond. 

Now, before you buy your wife a last-minute birthday gift, figure out how much you’re going to spend. If you don’t want to set a price limit, then come up with a price range. 

If you go into a department store with a price range in mind, you’ll be able to pick out a birthday gift for her faster. 

Since you’re shopping at the last minute, you’ll end up spending more money. Prepare to dish out a little more cash when looking for your spouse’s birthday gift.

Ask yourself the following questions before you buy her that last-minute birthday gift. 

A) Does she have a favorite fragrance? 

B) Does she have any interests or hobbies? 

C) What does your wife like to do in her spare time? 

D) Is there anything that your wife uses that could use an upgrade or needs replacing?

E) Has your wife mentioned an item that she would like to buy? 

 If you’re buying a last-minute gift for your wife, you need to be realistic about where you should shop.

It’s going to be hard to buy her birthday gift online unless the retailer has an in-store pick-up option.

Where to buy last-minute birthday gifts?

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase through a link. I only make recommendations from trusted partners, which I think you’ll enjoy!

The best place to buy last-minute birthday gifts for your wife is at a department or off-price store.

Are you looking for name-brand birthday gifts without the hefty price tag? Visit stores like Kohls, Nordstrom Rack, or Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Department stores carry a variety of products. They are great places to go for last-minute birthday gifts. 

They sell a variety of items from clothing, home decor, kitchen appliances, and beauty products.

Department stores have a little bit of everything. So you will be able to buy a gift for your wife. You can find these items all in one spot.

If you need a gift bag and a card too, get some pretty ribbon to give your last-minute gift a little something extra. 

These stores are usually open past 7 p.m. take advantage of store pick-up service if your retail store offers it too. It will save you time if you plan to buy a birthday gift after work.

If you can’t go to a department store to buy a last-minute gift, then your next best bet is to find a store that is open 24 hours.

Tip 1) If you’re going to get your wife a gift certificate or tickets to a show, make sure you buy a greeting card! 

If you can print out an image of what the tickets are for and insert it into your birthday card, that’s even better. Avoid handing your wife these types of gifts as is. 

Nothing screams a last-minute birthday gift more than an undecorated or unwrapped gift!

Tip 2) Small birthday gift now, book birthday experience later

If your wife’s birthday happens to fall on a weekday that year, celebrate it during the weekend. Let her know that you want to have more time to celebrate her special day.

Be sure to give her something on the actual day of her birthday. A heartfelt greeting card will do. 

She will appreciate the fact that you book her birthday experience for a later day. It makes more sense to do this than buy her a birthday gift that your wife will know you didn’t put thought behind. 

Tip 3) Ordinary vs. Unique Birthday Gifts

Stay away from generic birthday gifts. Look for a unique gift instead. Even though you are shopping last minute for your wife’s birthday, choose her gift wisely.

Your wife’s birthday gift should feel special. If you can, make sure that her last-minute gift has some sentimental value to it. 

Incorporate her favorite color or pick something related to her favorite pastime. Doing this will help your birthday gift be unique.

Best last-minute birthday gifts for her

If you want to buy your wife a physical birthday gift, here are some ideas to consider below.

40th birthday present ideas for wife

*Many of these last-minute gifts are at your local department or off-price stores.

1. Kitchen appliances and accessories – Does your wife like to cook or bake? Grab a Coffee maker, crockpot, or new glassware to make for her birthday. 

2. Subscription sign-ups – You’ll be able to find the perfect subscription for your wife.

3. Live show or theater tickets– Purchasing tickets for a local band or comedy club is a good option too!

4. Personal electronics– Buy your wife a foot or back massager for her birthday.

5. Clothing accessories– Is your wife a self-proclaimed fashionista? Buy a pair of sunglasses, a handbag, or a silk scarf for her birthday. 

6. Home decor– Wall art, candles, or a decorative vase for the living room make fabulous gift options.

 Bed, Bath, and Beyond offers customers in-store pickup and same-day delivery too!

7. Beauty products– body fragrances and skincare sets never go out of style. If you know what brand your wife uses then, get her a refill before she runs out.

Kohl’s has a partnership with a very popular makeup company called Sephora. Sephora has its department inside Kohls’s.

Make sure you stop by if you plan on buying your wife some beauty products for her 40th birthday.

Inside of a florist shop

8. Plants, flowers, and greenery– If your wife has a green thumb, get a potted plant or flowers for her special day.

9. Gourmet foods and desserts– Does your wife enjoy the finer things in life? If so, buy premium coffee or teas, chocolates, gourmet foods, or pastries.

10. Books series or novels -Is your wife an avid reader? Put a smile on her face by getting her a new book or novel to read for her birthday. If your wife likes listening to her books, you can also sign her up for audiobooks too!

11. Same-day flower delivery– Call your local florist early in the day. They might be able to deliver your flower arrangement to your wife by the time you arrive home. 

What to do for a last-minute birthday gift for your wife?

Here are a few more last-minute 40th birthday ideas listed below!

12. Buy a Mylar balloon bouquet

Find the nearest dollar store and have the sales rep blow up a few mylar balloons. Make sure you buy at least five balloons. 

Trust me! You don’t want to walk into the house with one balloon. Your wife will know for sure that you pick it up at the last minute.

Mylar balloon bouquets are a great option if you’re celebrating your birthday on a budget!

13. Have gourmet food delivered to your home

Stop by the grocery store or farmers market and volunteer to cook for that night. 

husband cooking his for wife in kitchen

14. Plan a romantic evening at home

If you plan on doing a last-minute birthday activity with your wife, plan a relaxing birthday at home.

Run her a bubble bath or offer to give her a message. Pamper her for the rest of the evening.

Before you arrive home, buy her a pair of fuzzy slippers to wear once she gets out. You can also buy her a bathrobe or a soft throw blanket to use for cuddling too!

Spending a romantic birthday home is a good choice if your spouse loves to spend most of her time indoors.

15. Bring out the bubbly and fixings

Swing by the liquor store and buy the best bottle of champagne or wine you can afford. Cheese and fruit pair with wine or champagne. If you are near a supermarket, buy some ingredients to make a homemade cheese and fruit plate. 

If you prefer to leave the preparation to the experts, then buy a pre-made platter.

16. Reserve a birthday experience for her

Birthday experiences are a great way to celebrate birthdays at the last minute. Book a reservation or buy a gift certificate to a spa or art class for a later date.

If you need ideas make sure you check out my blog post on last-minute birthday party ideas for adults.

17. Book a romantic night at a hotel

Since turning 40 is a milestone birthday, plan something romantic for your wife.

If you’re trying to get a gift for your wife at the last minute, book a night at a local hotel. You may be able to snag a great deal on your reservation too!

18. Make a last-minute reservation at a restaurant

Avoid making a reservation at the same restaurant to celebrate your wife’s birthday. Try a different one instead. 

Ex. If your wife enjoys Thai food, Find a Thai restaurant that offers private dining or scenic views. 

19. upgrade or replace outdated things she owns

If your wife owns something that’s on its last leg, then upgrading it would be a perfect birthday gift to get her. 

She may need new running shoes. Or she can use new yoga equipment. Replacing items that she already enjoys is a sure way to guarantee she will love your birthday gift! 

wife shopping for clothes

20. Go on a shopping spree with her

Plan a trip to your wife’s favorite stores and have her pick out a few items. Planning a shopping spree for your wife is a good choice for a last-minute birthday gift. 

It gives you a chance to spend quality time with her while buying her what she wants.

That’s all the last-minute 40th birthday ideas I have for now. One of these birthday ideas should help with picking out a fabulous 40th birthday gift for your wife.

Are you planning a birthday celebration for your husband? 

If so, check out my blog post called, 40 cool 40th birthday ideas for husband on a Budget for more birthday ideas,

Until the next blog post,

Happy celebrating!

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