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40 cool 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget

Trying to figure out what to do for your husband’s birthday can be difficult. Planning your husband’s birthday on a tight budget can seem more of an overwhelming task.

If you need some inspiration, here are 40 cool 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget to consider. 

How to celebrate the 40th birthday on a budget?

Pick a location first. If you decide to have your 40th birthday celebration for your husband at home, at least you know from the start. 

When you decide to plan birthday celebrations, make sure you pay for the venue or location fees first. The birthday party venue tends to be one of the most expensive purchases. 

Figure out how much you want to spend per guest. If you spend a little extra on the birthday guy, you have a better idea of how much that amount will be.

Determine in what way do you want to celebrate your husband’s birthday. Do you want to buy a gift? Or pay for him a birthday experience? 

Whatever you choose to do for your husband, make sure you have a good idea about how you will celebrate his big 4-0.

How to make my husband’s 40th birthday special? 

The best way to make your husband’s birthday feel special is to be personable. Don’t follow birthday celebration trends that you see online. Sentimental birthday gifts are thoughtful and make your husband’s birthday feel meaningful. 

Is there a running or inside joke that you and your husband share? Is there a particular place or memory that means a lot to him or the both of you? 

If so, use these things as inspiration to plan a birthday experience or buy a gift that has him, especially in mind.

Customize your husband’s birthday experiences, gifts, and decorations. That way, your husband will feel that you put lots of effort into making his special day memorable.

If you’re having trouble planning a birthday on a budget for your husband, check out these ideas below:

Cheap 40th birthday party ideas 

1. Host a game night

To host the ultimate game night for your husband’s milestone birthday. Head to the dollar store and pick up a few decks of cards and snacks. 

2. Have a backyard bonfire

Grab your campfire snacks and create a fire pit in the backyard. Everyone can gather around the fire and roast foods like hot dogs and marshmallows.

3. Play Giant board games

Not only is this a fun idea, but there are so many classic games to choose from, Jenga, chess, and connect four, to name a few.

4. Binge-watching party

Grab your popcorn and your favorite snacks and watch your favorite movie or tv series. 

5. Backyard BBQ or Fish Fry

Throwing a backyard barbeque is a tried and true way to celebrate your husband’s birthday. If you are not into grilling steaks, plan a fish fry instead.

Gift-giving is a simple but thoughtful way to celebrate a birthday. If you prefer to buy something special for your husband, check out these birthday gifts for him under $50.

mid age men enjoying beers in backyard

40th birthday gifts for him under $50

*This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase through a link. I only make recommendations from trusted partners, which I think you’ll absolutely enjoy!

6. Cell phone accessories

 If you’re looking for a tech-savvy gift for your hubby, buy accessories for his cell phone. Cellphone accessories like earbuds, phone cases, and chargers are great cheap gift ideas. 

7. Buy a birthday plaque 

Buy a birthday plaque to celebrate your hubby turning 40. If you have trouble finding one, they sell them online at websites like Etsy for less than 50 bucks.

8. Upgrade apps or streaming services

If your husband already has a subscription he loves, upgrade it. That way, he can have access to premium features. 

9. Nostalgic gift

Buy a collectible item from your husband’s childhood. If your hubby is into Star Wars, superheroes, or pop culture go to a gift shop that sells pop-culture gifts.

10. A gift box (for him)

Pick out a gift box that your hubby will love!

11. A caricature drawing

Head to your downtown to get a personalized caricature drawing of your husband. If you can’t find a caricature artist in your downtown area, find an artist online. 

Some artists will allow you to send them a photo. Once they’ve drawn the picture, they will deliver the drawing via snail mail.

12. Personalized birthday book

Create a personalized birthday book for your hubby. If you’re not into DIY, you can look online to find websites that will make a fill-in-book for him.

13. Fitted head cap

Head to the mall and pick up a fitted cap for your hubby. If he is not a big sports fan, choose a hat that matches his style. 

14. Engraved beer glass or flask

Are you looking for a personalized gift for your husband for his 40th birthday? If so, buy a beer glass or flask that has a message engraved on it to commemorate his special day.

15. Buy a jumbo birthday Card

Instead of buying a regular birthday at your local store, buy a jumbo birthday card instead. Why? Because sometimes bigger is better!

16. 40 reasons why activity

Do you want to do something romantic for your husband’s 40th birthday? On separate pieces of paper, write down 40 reasons why you love him and place them in a jar. 

17. Photobooth photoshoot

Take advantage of those photo booths you’re constantly avoiding at the mall (lol). 

Take your husband to a photo booth and have him take a whole bunch of pictures. Make sure you take some candid and silly shots to make it a memorable experience for his special day!

18. Personalized birthday video

Does your hubby enjoy memes, gifs, or video messages? If so, make a birthday video for him. If he has family out of state or out of the country, have them record a special message for your husband. Then put it together and show the video to him on his birthday.

19. Create a birthday music playlist for your hubby

Gather all his favorite songs to create an awesome playlist for his special day.

20. A vinyl record of his favorite music artist

Some people can’t resist that classic vinyl sound. If this sounds like your husband, buy a vinyl record to add to his collection for his birthday.

21. Birthday Balloon Delivery

Mylar balloons are easy to get and make for a good keepsake. Once they deflate, your hubby can hang them on a wall or save them.

Buy the balloons at your local store and deliver them yourself to keep more coins in your pocket.

Birthday experiences for him

couple going on a bike ride

22. Bike tour  

Book a bike tour in the local area and let the birthday boy enjoy the views.

23. Paintball

 Play paintball for an incredible birthday adventure he will never forget! 

24. Laser Tag

Make your husband’s birthday a family affair by playing Laser Tag. Many locations offer reasonable rates. Your hubby will have a blast (yes, pun intended)!

25. Play Pool (Billards) 

Pay for a session so your husband and his friends can play a game of pool. Playing pool at a local bar is a low-priced activity that will save you money for your husband’s birthday. 

26. Indoor rock climbing

 For an active husband turning 40, book an indoor rock climbing session. Contact your local sports centers or gyms in your area for some rock-solid birthday fun! 

27. Hit the mini-golf course

Is your husband a golf lover? Instead of heading to an actual golf course, go to local miniature golf to save money.

28. Go on a Hiking Trip

If your husband is the outdoor type, then plan a hiking trip for his birthday. 

mig age men running down hill

29. Spend the day at the lake

If your husband is a bit more laid-back, then head down to the lake for some relaxing birthday activities.

30. Create a birthday scavenger hunt

Leave clues for your husband around the house or in your backyard that lead him to his birthday gift!

If you’d rather not throw a 40th birthday party, then plan to do a birthday experience for him instead. 

40th birthday experiences for him under $85

mid age man at an art exhibit

31. Visit an Art Exhibit 

Check your local area to see what art exhibits or installations are coming to your local area. Find one he will like and go for his birthday!

32. Head to the barbershop 

Book a grooming session for your hubby at a local barbershop. He’ll appreciate getting a new look. 

33. Spruce up the man cave

Buy a room accessory that you think fits well with his man cave. Make sure he approves first (lol). 

34. Go to a themed museum

If your husband has a hobby or a personal interest that he enjoys, check out taking him to a themed museum. There are so many themed museums to choose from, so find one he likes and enjoy his special day there!

35. Craft beer tasting or beer making

Does your husband love beer? If so, Take him for a local beer-tasting or beer-making experience for his birthday. For an extra $5 -$20, you can buy an experience birthday gift he will love,

A huge benefit of booking you through their website is that your hubby can book his beer tasting whenever he wants. Their gifts don’t expire!

36. Water sports

From surfing, and kayaking to playing basketball in a pool. There are lots of water activities that your hubby can do to celebrate his birthday. Choose a watersport that he and his crew enjoy and have fun in the sun.

mid age men playing basketball in pool

37. Escape room 

If your hubby enjoys problem-solving and puzzles, book an escape room experience. Some major cities offer an escape room experience at affordable prices too!

38. Indoor skydiving

If one of your husband’s wishes is to jump out of a plane, then indoor skydiving is the perfect birthday experience.

Not only will he have a great time but, it’s a great low-cost alternative to the real thing.

39. Food tour

If your husband enjoys good eats, then book a food tour in your local area. You know what they say, The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 

40. Trapeze lesson

Sign up your hubby for a trapeze lesson to make it the best 40th birthday experience ever!

Depending on where you live, booking a trapeze lesson could range from $60 to $250. To save some money, book a lesson in a nearby town or city that is less popular.

There you have it! 

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12 fun and creative ways to celebrate your birthday on a budget!

Until next time,

Happy celebrating! 

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