40th Birthday Significance: 10 memorable ways to make the best of your big day!

Have you been wondering about the significance of your 40th birthday? If so, keep reading to learn why and ways to make your big 4-0 fun and memorable!

Here are some of the most common questions about this milestone birthday. 

Is a 40th birthday a milestone birthday?

A 40th birthday is a milestone birthday. 

After you turn 21, milestone birthdays come every ten years. Your 40th birthday moves you to the next stage in your life. 

Why is 40th birthday a milestone?

40th birthdays are milestone birthdays because, at this age, you enter mid-adulthood. At this point in your life, you’re too young and not too old. 

Each year you enter a new development stage in your life is a milestone. That’s why turning 40 should be an exciting moment in your life. 

By this point in your life, you have learned some valuable lessons.

When celebrating a birthday you create memories along the way.

Milestone birthdays come every decade once you turn 30. So, if you decide to skip out on celebrating it, you would have to wait until your 50th to enjoy another one. 

There are many activities you can do to make your 40th birthday special. Regardless if you’re spending it alone.

Check out my blog post on milestone birthdays for more birthday celebration ideas.

What is a 40th birthday called?

The official name for a 40th anniversary is a Ruby Jubilee. a birthday is the anniversary of your birth, so if you wanted to call your 40th birthday a ruby jubilee, go for it! 

What are the 40th birthday colors?

Ruby red is the official color for a 40th anniversary. But you can incorporate this color in your birthday decor and themes. 

There are plenty of adult birthday themes that incorporate the color red. When deciding what type of theme you want for your 40th birthday, make sure to choose your party theme first.

Once your party theme is out of the way, then you can pick out a color scheme that matches your party theme.

There are plenty of party theme ideas you can choose from that incorporate the color ruby red. 

Listed below are examples of party themes to consider for your 40th birthday

  • Old Hollywood (make sure you included a red carpet) 
  • Michael Jackson thriller-themed party
  • The Wizard of Oz 
  •  007 themed party

Why celebrate your 40th birthday? 

The biggest reason you should celebrate your 40th birthday is that you are grown up now!. Once you turn 40, you have to enter middle adulthood. 

You may have already established your relationships with loved ones. A great way to continue to bond with the ones you love is to celebrate your 40th birthday

Celebrating any milestone in your life allows you to bond with others and interact. Birthday celebrations help build on relationships with others while having fun!

Why is a 40th birthday so important?

According to lumen learning, “Many people are at their peak of productivity in love and work.”

In other words, like is getting started when you turn 40. Shouldn’t this be something to be proud of and to celebrate? 

It sure is.

The reason why you should celebrate your 40th birthday is that you are all grown up now. 

During your young adult years, you may have spent most of your time trying to establish a career. Or you may have finished up your education and started a family. 

No need to start plucking out your gray hairs or feeling like your life is over. 

With that said, use your 40th birthday to reflect on your past accomplishments. Also, embrace the future ones to come. 

Still don’t know how to celebrate your 40th birthday? Check out these ideas that you can do to make your 40th birthday memorable.

Have an adventure

 Are you looking for a 40th birthday experience that requires you to be active? Go sign up for an obstacle course. 

At some locations, you can catch views of the mountains and natural landscapes too. 

Spending the day at an obstacle course is a good option for those adventurous birthday types. Who doesn’t mind breaking a sweat on their big day!

Visit your local Comedy club

Life is too short to stress about turning 40. But if you are, consider going to a local comedy club. 

Famous comedian Milton Berle said, “Laughter is the best medicine in the world.” 

So, If you’re worried about turning 40 blues, look for comedy shows in your area to cheer you up!

Play Restaurant Roulette

Are you tired of going to the same restaurant each year for your birthday?

 Why not shake things up a bite and play restaurant roulette. 

To do this, find a least five restaurants that you have never been to before. Be sure to pick different restaurants and cuisines to make the game more interesting. 

Next, random pick where you will be getting your birthday dinner for the evening. Creating a sense of mystery for your birthday makes for great memories and birthday fun!

Animal Watching

For all you animal lovers out there, have you considered going dolphin or whale watching? 

Commemorate your milestone birthday by observing your favorite animals in their natural habit.

Rent a Food Truck

Are you tired of throwing backyard BBQs and banquet halls to celebrate your birthday? 

If you plan to have your birthday outside, change things up a bit and rent a food truck. Food trucks provide you and your guest with a made to order food options. 

Food trucks are mobile, so they can show up at your preferred party venue and provide food to your guest. Not to mention, they tend to be cheaper to hire compared to traditional catering services.

Food trucks can customize meals and desserts to your liking, 

it makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

Brunch or Lunch Cruise

Do you enjoy cruises? Instead of booking a cruise trip outside the country, book a local cruise ship instead. 

Book a local brunch or lunch cruise instead of dinner if you want to save money. Rates tend to be higher during dinner hours.

2 couples crusing on small cruise ship

Have your dessert and eat it too! 

Attend a chocolate-making class or book a dessert tour. Go behind the scenes to see how to prepare your favorite treats. 

If you can’t find a dessert tour in your area, you can treat yourself to gourmet pastries and other sweets. Would that be sweet? Yes, pun intended (lol).

Donate or volunteer to a cause that is dear to you. Run a marathon to support a charitable cause. Or you can donate to an organization to bring awareness to a social issue. 

Giving back on your 40th birthday is another indicator that you are no longer a young adult. You understand the importance of helping others and caring about others who may not have as much as you.

Have Girl’s night out or evening with the fellas

You may find it difficult over the years to spend quality with your close friends. Use your 40th birthday as an excuse to get the ladies or guys together.

Plan a girl’s night out or day out with the guys to celebrate turning 40.

If you’re looking for more affordable 40th birthday celebration ideas,

check out these blog posts called, 40 cool 40th birthday ideas for husband on a budget.


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Attend a wine tasting 

Get your taste buds tingling for your birthday by celebrating your birthday at a wine tasting.

Many places offer them so, pick a venue that fits your personality and style. 

Don’t feel like going out for your birthday? Stay home and host your wine tasting party instead!

Enjoying a good glass of wine is a great way to celebrate your 40th birthday!

So now that you know the significance of 40th birthday,

How will you be celebrating your 40th birthday

Leave a comment below! 

Happy celebrating!

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    1. Hi Abiola,

      Hope you found the article helpful, Unfortunately, this website is a blog resource and not an organization. for more helpful tips check out other blog posts on our website. Thank you!

  1. Hi Satarra,
    I’m planning my 40th in Dec. Been looking for themes that go with silver, teal and maybe Ruby red. I’d have thought of dinner kind is setting, but I also want it casual so my guests can be relaxed. Any ideas please?

    1. Hi Nelo,

      Have you thought about doing a mid-century modern birthday theme? It’s very similar to a retro vibe.

      If you’re looking for something more elegant you can do an old Hollywood glam theme. You can use teal in accent decor. I hope the party theme ideas help you.

  2. My daughter in law turns 40 on the 29 of august Anniversary of hurricane Katrina here and now Ida Hard to come up with ideas It’s so hot to decorate a park or place at the beach Was thinking maybe even just luncheon at 4 Star fancy place in New Orleans include her mom Then do fun over the hill stuff at her house when we get back .. is over the hill tacky now ?

    1. Hi Kathy,

      The “over-the-hill” party theme is not necessarily tacky, but I’ve since this theme used mainly for people who love gags. It also depends on her personality too! Does she like novelty parties?

      If she’s not a woman who’s into novelty parties, put a contemporary twist on the theme.

      To put your own spin on this theme by doing a “39ish birthday celebration” or “cheers to 40 years party theme”. For the cheers to 40 years party theme, you can use champagne-themed decor instead of beer mugs. This way, you’ll still be able to pull off the party theme concept without it feeling dated or in poor taste. I hope these suggestions are helpful to you!

  3. Hi Satarra, love this Blog! I have a 40th birthday in 2023 and have a large family and need some ideas for a celebration them on a budget but still brings about a feeling of 1983-2023 Ruby Red glamour and achievement! Not all family get along with each other but I get a long with all. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Carol,

      Thank you so much for the blog love! I would suggest enforcing a unique dress code for your birthday celebration. Your guests can dress in a specific color or wear an accessory ex. sunglasses. This is a great way to keep costs down. Another suggestion would be to have a Karkoe night and a playlist with classics and contemporary music. Hope these ideas help!

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