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4th month anniversary ideas that’ll take your relationship to the next level!

So, you made it to your 4th month anniversary! Congratulations!

Some people may feel that celebrating your 4th month anniversary is a joke. But reaching this pivotal point in your relationship is significant. 

Every couple that has been together for many years starts from day one. 

Despite what people may say, progress in your relationship is still progress. No matter how small it is.

Anniversaries in a relationship are milestones. Milestones are stages in life that help you go from one point to the next. Like anniversaries, relationship milestones are chances for you to celebrate your relationship goals.

Celebrating relationship milestones helps strengthen your bond with your partner.

 It also gets couples thinking about some of the goals they want to achieve in the future.

Once you and your boo can celebrate your relationship milestone!. Yay!

According to a study from UK, there are two pre-wedding dating milestones that a couple experiences in the 4th-month stage:

1. Buying a birthday gift for their partner (118 days of dating)

2. Calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend (103 days of dating)

You heard right. Around the 4th month mark, couples tend to decide to date exclusively. 

Surviving the first four months of your relationship is a significant milestone. Reaching this point is a sign that you and your partner to taking things to the next level.

Anniversaries are an opportunity to make new memories, build trust with your partner.

At the 4th month mark, enjoy exploring and having new experiences together. Going through different stages in your relationship strengthens your bond with each other.

Now that you reached your 4th month anniversary with your partner, it’s time to celebrate!

4 Month Anniversary Ideas

Not sure about how to celebrate your 4th month anniversary? Check out some of the 4-month anniversary ideas below:

Take a day trip 

Head to the countryside or downtown area to the city for a couple day trip. You and your sweetie can go sightseeing and or visit some new attractions. 

Taking a day trip to the city or the countryside is a great way to get closer to your partner while having fun too!

Have an anniversary breakfast

Waking up to the smell of breakfast in the morning is a great way to celebrate your 4th month anniversary.  

It may be taking a page from the classic Love Jones movie. But you got to admit, cooking breakfast for your boo is a perfect way to celebrate your anniversary. 

Watch a Live Performance

To celebrate your 4th month anniversary, attend your favorite theater show or concert. 

Not everyone can dish out the cash to see Hamilton on broadway. So, If you are looking for budget-friendly shows, many local clubs offer cheaper rates.

Dine-in and cook together

Flex your culinary muscles. Head to your favorite grocery store and pick up some ingredients to make a delicious meal.

If you and your partner are not the cooking types, get food delivered by your favorite restaurant. 

 Craving some time out to cook a meal together can give you a sense of how compatible you two will be in the future.

Take the Scenic Route

Go for a walk and catch views of the water, city skyline, or countryside. Views of cityscapes are not only a romantic thing to do with your partner. 

Going to a scenic place will allow you two to talk about the next steps in your relationship.

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Make something together

Are you and your partner feeling creative? 

If so, spend your 4th month anniversary by taking a glass-making or painting class. Many local art studios allow you to pay per class or session. 

After you finish the course, you and your boo will have a keepsake to take home.

Relax and Unplug

Now that you and your partner have reached the 4th month in the relationship. Take some time to unplug. Commit to not checking text messages or emails. Unplug your TV and choose an activity to do instead.

Another option to consider is to talk 30 mins to an hour to talk to your sweetie.

You and your partner can choose what activities that you would like to do together in the future. To make things more fun, right some activities you would like to do in the future and make it an official bucket list.

Arcade date night

In the mood for some nostalgic fun and good competition?

Make plans to go to a local arcade!

Play race car games, ski ball, and collect as many tickets as you can. Win the heart of your sweet by winning a stuffed animal for them to take home as a keepsake.

4-month anniversary gift ideas

Would you prefer to give your partner a gift for your 4th month anniversary? If so, check out these creative anniversary gift ideas below!

Give a funny milestone card

Use snail mail to surprise your partner with a card delivered right to their mailbox. Or you can hide it someplace car or put it in their medicine cabinet so, to make your card a surprise.

Buying a card for your 4th month anniversary may seem like a small gesture. But it’s a great way to let your partner know how special your relationship is.

Pop Champagne 

Head over to a local winery store and pick out a nice bottle of champagne.

Pour some bubbly and cheers to reaching a new milestone in your relationship. Not a champagne drinking type? 

Then buy your favorite bottle of wine and toast to new beginnings in your relationship.

Get them a sweet treat

There is nothing like eating something sweet to make your heart feel happy! 

Instead of picking up a regular box of chocolates for your 4th month anniversary, take them out for dessert. Buy frozen yogurt, smoothie, ice cream, or acai bowl, or their favorite dessert.

Many stores sell chocolate-covered foods like pretzels, fruit, marshmallows, and Oreo cookies. Even bacon! Wow, who knew?

So, if you want to give a sweet treat as a gift, get it to go so both of you can enjoy your 4th month anniversary sweet treats at home. 

couple drinking smoothies

Put it into words

Write a poem for your partner and print it out. Put the poem in a beautiful frame and give it to them.

Print out their favorite song lyrics or pick a song that reminds you of them instead of making a playlist.

Mylar balloon bouquet

Mylar balloon bouquets are affordable and easy to find no matter where you live.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what special occasion it is. When someone walks into a room with balloons in hand, you can’t help but smile. 

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate your 4th month anniversary, buy a mylar balloon bouquet!

There are no rules about what anniversaries in a relationship you should celebrate. Those moments should be between you and the person your partner.

You and your partner should decide what anniversaries are significant in your relationship.

How you decide to celebrate is also up to you and your partner. Regardless of which anniversaries you choose to celebrate.

Relationship milestones are a big deal. Whether it’s been 4 months or 40 years, remember you get to decide what milestones and anniversaries are worth celebrating.

Do you think it is worth celebrating your 4th month anniversary? If so, what are some of the anniversary ideas that you plan to do?

If your 4-month anniversary is coming up, which celebration ideas will you consider doing?

if you need more gift ideas for your 6 month anniversary, check out my blog post on 6-month anniversary ideas.

Leave your comments below!

As always, Happy Anniversary,

Happy celebrating!

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