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15 helpful hotel staycation ideas that you won’t regret this year!

Are you having trouble planning a romantic staycation for your birthday or anniversary? If so, here are some hotel staycation ideas you don’t want to pass up. 

What to do during a hotel staycation?

Hotel staycations make great mini-vacations. There’s no need to travel far from home. You can plan a weekend getaway right in your city. 

Staying at a hotel for a few days is the right staycation if you want to escape the pressures of everyday life. 

Make sure the hotel you choose has lots of recreational activities.

Look for activities you can do in the local area near your hotel. Lots of parks offer free activities for locals and tourists alike.

Set up a food tour or see a live performance near your hotel. 

If your hotel is in a secluded area, go on a hike or plan a day trip to the lake. 

Take the time to relax and enjoy leisure activities you may not get to do often. Hotel staycations allow you to get away and unwind too!

Hotel staycation tips

Planning a hotel staycation may seem like an easy task. If you want to maximize your hotel staycation, read the helpful staycation tips below:

Pay attention to the category of the hotel. 

If the score is low, then there is a chance that that hotel may not offer all the amenities you want. 

If possible, book a suite instead of a hotel room

You’ll have access to more space and separate rooms. For those who want to cook your meals, make sure your suite has a kitchenette. 

If you’re looking to save money on your hotel staycation, book your hotel room during off-peak days. Hotels tend to be more expensive during the weekend rather than the weekdays.

Find a local hotel within a 10-20 mile radius. That way, you can save on gas or carfare. Being closer to home will help in case of an emergency or if you have to leave too!

Book a hotel room with closer access to hotel amenities

Reserve a room that’s closer to your favorite hotel amenities (dining area, elevator, or fitness center).

The hotel may charge a little bit more money for booking these rooms. But it’s worth it. It’ll save you the time and hassle of walking to the other side of the hotel garden from your room or suite. 

If you’re a food lover, search for a hotel that offers free breakfast so you can splurge on dinner later on.


Before you book your hotel room for your hotel staycation, 

Do you want to be in the downtown area or somewhere more rural or remote?

Once you figure out what area you want to stay in, it’s easy to pick the hotel you want.

Some hotel locations are in areas where they have many attractions. If you book a hotel room at a resort, there will be plenty of recreational activities for you to do.

Be mindful that booking a hotel room at a resort may cost more. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay for the convenience rather than saving money and going out of your way.

Now that you have some tips on booking the perfect staycation at a hotel, here are hotel staycation ideas.

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Hotel Staycation ideas

1. Consider boutique hotels for your staycation

Booking a room at a boutique hotel is a good option for your staycation. Most Boutique hotels offer guests unique amenities. 

Boutique hotels are different from popular hotel chains. They tend to mesh with the vibe of the city or town they’re located in. Some boutique hotels have themed hotel rooms. 

Most boutique hotels have the sophistication of a chain hotel brand. But the familiarity of a bed and breakfast. This quality is what sets them apart and is my top choice for hotel staycations.

 So, if you are not into cookie-cutter hotels, check your local area to see if there are boutique hotels.

2. Beautiful scenic views

Booking your hotel staycation on a property that has scenic views of a landscape is an advantage. 

Enjoy breathtaking views of the city, beach, lake, or mountains. Be careful of booking a room with obscure views. 

3. Book a hotel room with a balcony 

These hotel rooms tend to be more pricey. But nothing beats looking at the sunset from your private balcony at the hotel. 

4. Fitness center

If you enjoy exercising, then you should consider booking a hotel that has a fitness center.

Break a sweat and take advantage of the workout facilities at your hotel. Some hotels offer their guests 24-hour access to the fitness center. 

2 men at hotel fitness center

5. Bring your fur-friend

Many hotels are pet-friendly and offer guests pet treats upon arrival. Other hotels have designated areas for your pet to play too! 

So, if you want to bring your fur friend to your hotel staycation, be sure to book a hotel that allows pets.

6. Book a hotel with a pool 

Before you book your hotel staycation, check hotels in your local area to see if they offer a rooftop pool. Going swimming at the pool is one of the best things to do in a hotel.

7. Make it a Family affair 

Hotel staycations are great for families. Many hotels understand that guests bring their kids or relatives during their stay. 

Hotels can provide you and your family with cribs, larger or connecting rooms, rollaway beds, and kid-friendly welcome kits! 

If you’re planning to celebrate your anniversary with your kids, and need more ideas on how to do so, read my blog post: 12 spectacular anniversary ideas with kids worth doing now! 

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Romantic Hotel Staycation Ideas

Plan on celebrating a milestone in your life with your partner? If so, consider these ideas to pull off an epic romantic hotel staycation.

8. In-suite hot tub or Jacuzzi

When looking for a hotel room for your hotel staycation, try to find one that includes an in-room hot tub or Jacuzzi. Lots of hotels offer jacuzzis for all guests to access. 

 Book a room with a jacuzzi or hot tub. It will be worth the extra money because you won’t have to worry about other guests using it during your stay.

9. On-site restaurant

Many hotels have on-site restaurants too. Browse the hotel’s restaurant menu to see if you want to dine at their restaurant before booking your hotel stay. 

If you would rather skip dinner, you can still enjoy the hotel food. Visit the hotel’s bar after hours and order appetizers or a delicious dessert off the pub menu. 

It’s an affordable way to enjoy the hotel’s food and not leave you with empty pockets by the end of your stay.

10. Fireplace and hot beverages 

Most hotels offer their guests a coffee maker and an assortment of gourmet teas and coffee flavors.

If you are looking for romantic staycation ideas during the winter months, booking a hotel room with a fireplace is a must!

Snuggle up in a blanket and read your favorite book while watching the fire ambers burn in your hotel room.

11. Glass shower or bathtub 

Are you planning a romantic birthday celebration this year? Make sure your bathtub or glass shower is big enough for two. 

Sit back, relax, and take a bubble bath. Don’t forget to wrap yourself up in a fuzzy hotel bathrobe!

12. Hotel packages and gifts during your hotel stay

Many hotel chains like IHG have special packages. Guests celebrating milestones in life like anniversaries will enjoy the extra perks. 

Find out what hotel packages and special rates they offer by contacting the hotel’s customer services reps. 

13. Order a movie 

Many people have access to movie streaming services via their cell phones. But there is nothing wrong with going old school and ordering a movie on your TV. Order your favorite one and plan a movie night for 2.

14. In-room spa services 

Plan to have a spa day during your hotel staycation!

The good news is that there is no need to worry about bringing massage oil if you book this service. Booking in-room spa services is another thing to do in your hotel room that is worth it!

If your hotel doesn’t off in-room spa services, book a hotel with a spa facility on their premises instead. 

women getting a massage in hotel room

15. Room service

One of the best parts of a hotel staycation is ordering room service!

If you prefer to dine in your hotel room, take advantage during your hotel stay. Even though room service can be a bit pricey, it’s worth it to use during your hotel staycation. 

Are you looking for romantic staycation ideas to celebrate a relationship milestone or wedding anniversary? ‘

If so, check out my blog post called: 

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Well, that’s all the hotel staycation ideas I have for you for now. 

Have you considered going on a hotel staycation? If you have, what hotel staycation ideas did you do?

Make sure you leave your comments below!

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