simple 18th birthday party ideas at home that won’t put your guest to sleep!

Are you having trouble with finding simple 18th birthday party ideas to do at home? Keep reading to find out how to have the best simple 18th birthday house party ever!

Before we dive into at-home party ideas for your 18th birthday, let’s discuss why turning 18 is such a memorable birthday.


Is 18 a milestone birthday?


The short and sweet answer is Yes. Turning 18 is a birthday milestone because it is the age you become a legal adult. 

When you turn 18 years old, you’re allowed to vote, book a hotel, get a tattoo or piercing, and buy a car on your own.

Plan something special for your 18th birthday, even if you are on a tight budget. You only turn 18 once in your life, so don’t miss out on celebrating your special day! 

18th birthday themes

The official color for celebrating the 18th birthday is blue. When planning the 18th birthday, try to use this color. 

If you’re confused about what 18th party to pick, here are some easy party themes that you can use to celebrate your birthday at home.

  • Tiffany blue-themed party
  • galaxy themed birthday party
  • Denim and diamonds themed party

18th birthday party ideas for guys at home

Choosing a party theme for an 18th-birthday theme for guys can be challenging. If you feel a little overwhelmed, here are some 18th birthday ideas to consider.

  • Star Wars-themed birthday party
  • Memphis grizzly-themed party for your basketball fans!
  • Golden State Warriors theme birthday party (if you’re a Steph Curry fan!).

How to decorate your house for your 18th birthday party

Simple 18th Birthday Decorations

Birthday decorations make your party feel like it’s a party. If you’re short on cash, use these simple 18th birthday decoration ideas listed below.

Decorating with mylar balloons is an affordable way to spruce up a birthday party.

Before your party guests arrive, make sure you tidy up and have plenty of places for your guest to sit.

You may want to buy 1 or 2 tablecloths for your party food. Make sure you have plenty of napkins, cups, and partyware. Add a pinch of confetti around your cake table.

The most important thing you should do when decorating is to add personalization.

Make sure your birthday party decor reflects the personality of the birthday boy or girl. Doing so will help with making your birthday party one of a kind.

Buy party supplies like custom banners, balloons, and labels. Your party will look better than decorating with generic ones.

Finding simple ways to celebrate your birthday at home can be challenging. It can be more of a challenge if you are on a tight budget.

3 mylar foil birthday balloons 1024x768 1


A general rule of thumb when choosing food for an at-home party is to keep it simple. Classic party food like pizza, chicken wings, chips, and dip are never bad choices.

Create a build your meal food area at your at-home party. Serve foods like sandwiches or tacos at these stations. Building your meal stations is a great way to encourage social interaction among guests.

Trust me. Having guests serve themselves frees up some of the time. 

Besides, having your guest build their meals is better than pre-made selections. 

Are you going for more of a homemade comfort food vibe? If, So have each of your guests cook a dish and bring it to the party. That way, everyone can sample what everyone made.

Hosting a potluck party is common for annual office holiday parties. So, if you want to have one at home, try to get more creative. 

Have your guests bring dishes that all have the same secret ingredient. Or you have your guest prepare foods or begin with the same letter.

Putting your twist on a traditional potluck can make your party stand out from all the rest!

Another thing to consider is serving pastries and desserts rather than a full meal. Your birthday guests will love the extra time for your birthday activities! Plus, it’s cost-effective too! 


My suggestion for your at-home party is to play music in the background. It’s a good idea to choose a playlist that will make people want to get up and dance. 

Your birthday party should encourage guests to mingle in a low-pressure, stress-free environment.

Avoid falling into the trap of playing slow jams. Guests may feel awkward if you do. Unless you are a hardcore R&B fan or your party theme calls for it. 

Make sure you play some pop culture classics that everyone can sing along and dance to. 

Playing songs that everyone can sing and dance to makes your guests feel included.

Not everyone is a fan of planning parties to celebrate their birthday. If you are one of those people, the good news is that there are many activities you can do.

If you’re looking for more 18th birthday ideas, check out my blog post, on what to do instead of having a birthday party

Now that you have a better idea about saving money for your birthday party, let’s talk about what types of things you can do for your 18th birthday at home

How to throw an 18th birthday party at home

1.Dance competition (dance off)

Grab the birthday boy or birthday girl and head straight to the dance floor. You can buy video games like Just Dance, where you can challenge others to a dance-off!

2. Binge-watching themed party 

Instead of having a regular old movie night, plan a binge-watching party! Serve your guest popcorn and your favorite movie theater snacks.

Make your 18th birthday a themed celebration to shake things up a little.

Have your party guest dress up like the characters from your favorite movie, anime, or tv series.

3. Backyard games 

Are you a sucker for water fights? Tell your party guests to bring a water gun or a pack of water balloons to your party. That way, you will have plenty of ammo for your birthday celebration.

Water guns or water balloons are affordable alternatives to throwing a paintball party.

The best party games are the ones you can create your own rather than buying them from a store.

If you love classic board games, buy your favorite jumbo size game. Set it up in your backyard. Your guest won’t want to miss out on the fun!

teen boys playing with water guns

4. Create a Selfie Booth 

Create an area where your guest can take selfies. Buy different photo booth props that you know they will enjoy and start snapping away.

You can pick up all the supplies you need to create one at a store like Dollar General.

The photos make great party favors and are less likely not to get thrown out.

Celebrate your special day by doing origami-making or picture frame decorating activities.


5. Escape room dinner party

If you enjoy solving puzzles and cracking codes, then plan an at-home escape room party!

Host a formal birthday dinner and play the game while your guests are dining! You and your party guest will have such a great time.


6. Birthday scavenger hunt

If you love solving riddles, create a birthday scavenger hunt at home. Come up with scavenger hunt clues by making them for yourself or searching online. Then, place the clues throughout your home.

Next, split your guests up into two teams and have them find a birthday novelty. Whichever team finds the birthday novelty first wins!

Your guest will love the idea of going on a birthday adventure to celebrate your special day.

7. Adult Coloring party 


Throwing a coloring party is such an easy at-home party theme to pull off. There are tons of places where you can buy adult coloring books.

If you have a tight budget, buy one adult coloring book with different images. Then make photocopies for your guest. You can buy Crayons markers and color pencils at your local dollar store.

8. Hire professional party entertainment


Leave all your party entertainment to the professionals. Hiring an entertainer is the perfect idea for your 18th birthday. You could have your party in your backyard and choose which performer you want for your party. 

Book a Belly dancer, a fire performer, or a fortune teller for your party! Your guest won’t stop talking about how much fun they had if you do. 

If you’re throwing your birthday party on a budget, check out these affordable party entertainment ideas from

9. Glamping in the backyard

Camp in your backyard instead of taking a camping trip for your 18th birthday.

Make smores, enjoy hot cocoa, and roast marshmallows around a campfire. Set up your sleeping bags and pitch a tent in your backyard.

10. Themed Birthday Dinner Party

Invite your friends over for authentic Mexican or Japanese food! Find a restaurant in your area that does catering. If you prefer to save some money, get your loved ones to help you make the food.

Besides, who can resist sushi or quesadillas? These dishes are perfect for parties too!

person holding a piece of sushi

11. Host a Cook or bake-off

If you an 18-year old that loves to cook or bake, You can host a bake-off competition. Have your guest create a dish using the same ingredients and see who wins. 

Create memories with your birthday guests by doing a Chopped competition at home! Having a cook or bake-off is a good option if you prefer it over hosting a game night with your family. 

12. Zen birthday party

Nothing says zen and relaxation like yoga. So why not get your besties to come to your house for a yoga party.

Invite your birthday guest over to do yoga and candle-making. You can have your guests create crystal bracelets too! Namaslay!

If you need more at-home party ideas, check out my blog post called 15 easy ways to have an awesome birthday celebration at home.

Now you have some ideas for simple 18th birthday party ideas that you can do at home, which one will you choose?

Leave a comment below and share how you will celebrate your 18th birthday at home.

Happy celebrating!

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