12 creative ways to celebrate your birthday on a budget!

If you’re the type that likes to party on a budget, then most likely, you want to have your birthday on a budget too. Not sure how to do this exactly? Keep reading to find out!

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, here are some general rules of thumb when planning a birthday on a budget.

How to celebrate your birthday on a budget?

Plan well in advance 

Don’t wait until the last minute to buy stuff for your birthday celebration. It will quickly blow your budget.

Have a set dollar amount and stick to it. 

Set a reasonable price amount you can afford

I get it. It’s your special day, so you want to go all out. Fight the urge and carefully choose what aspects of your birthday you want to spend more money on. 

Is your birthday outfit worth putting money toward than your hairstyle? 

Would you rather splurge on treats and eats instead of putting most of your budget toward your venue or location?

Knowing the answers to these questions beforehand will help you have a budget-friendly birthday celebration that will leave you in the black.

Consider seasonality

There are many birthday activities that you can enjoy both outdoors and indoors.

With indoor skydiving, for example, you can sometimes get a cheaper rate if you schedule your birthday activity on the off-peak season or right before prices go up.

Think outside the box

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy birthday parties like the next person. The truth is birthday party planning takes a lot of work and time to pull off the right way. 

Birthday parties, especially adult birthday parties, tend to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars just on the venue alone.

Even if you opt to have your birthday bash at home, those shopping runs to Costco and party supplies stores can add up.

Not to mention, you’ll get stuck with cleaning up once the party is over. 

Although throwing a birthday party can be pricy, it’s not impossible to plan one on the cheap. 

If you have your heart set on throwing a party, check out my blog post on planning a birthday party on a budget. 

Instead of having a birthday, why not get a little creative and plan a birthday celebration that stands out from the rest?

After all, you want to make your birthday celebration memorable, not ordinary. 

What better way to change things up a bit by doing a birthday activity instead of throwing a birthday party?  

Do you plan on dining at your favorite restaurant for your birthday?

Now that you know a few tips on how to save a few bucks for your birthday, here are some free or affordable birthday ideas you can try.

Low budget birthday ideas for adults

1.Have a Birthday Lunch

The only catch is they would have to visit the restaurant during lunch hours.

If you are craving a particular dish, make sure it is available on both the lunch and dinner menu. 

When you order your meal, you may notice is that the portions are a little smaller. 

 Order your food before 4 pm or before the restaurant changes to the dinner menu. You will limit the amount you spend on your birthday by doing so. 

Keep in mind, Grabbing a drink or a delicious birthday dessert is cheaper than going out for a whole meal if you have limited funds too.

2. Visit a museum

Many museums are free or offer visitors an option to pay a suggested donation. 

Even if the museum of your choice charges an admission fee, It’s still worth the money, especially if you want to celebrate your birthday on a budget.

If you’d rather skip viewing dinosaur fossils or exhibits based on historical artifacts, then it’s no big deal.

Nowadays, you can find museums to fit your interest. The International spy museum in Washington DC or Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, PA are a couple of examples of museums you could visit.

 These museum options should get you thinking about what museum you may want to go to on your birthday. 

 If you happen to be a lover of art or are a true history buff, visit a museum on your birthday. It could be the best affordable option for you.

3. Sign up for a class session (trial)

Have you ever wanted to try Zumba class or guitar lessons? 

If the answer is yes, then book a class on your birthday!

Others programs may let you pay for one session or class at a discounted price.

So if the class you tried is a good fit for you, you can sign-up long term later on. 

Use this opportunity to register for a class and avoid spending too much money on your birthday.

3 people taking a yoga class

What to do on your birthday with no money?

Did you know that you can celebrate your birthday without spending a dime?

Although there are many inexpensive birthdays ideas, there are a few things you can do for free.

These two birthday ideas are worth doing if you aren’t can’t spend any money on your special day at all.

4. Snag a free birthday meal or dessert

It’s the time of year to search through your inbox for coupons and restaurant discount codes. 

Hopefully, you did this ahead of time (at least a month in advance). You can score meals and desserts for your birthday. 

Pick 3-5 of your favorite restaurants and spend the day visiting them. Use all your discount and birthday coupons to pay for meals and dessert(s).

Not only is this option fun to do on your b-day, but light on your pockets too!! 

5. Go to a local festival or watch a street performance. 

Head to your nearest downtown area and get ready to watch some great street performances.

If your birthday is in the summertime, you may want to look into if there are free or low-cost concerts where you live. Large cities like NYC offer these events each year for locals to enjoy. 

As you can see, spending the day cashing in on your birthday freebies from email sign-ups or attending a free local festival is awesome to celebrate your special day!

6. Celebrate your birthday on the actual day you were born

If your birthday falls on or during a weekday, do something special on that day! 

Whatever decision you make to turn another year older, remember, dinner will taste the same on a Tuesday. 

This tip goes for movies, performances, restaurants, lounges, and clubs too. 

Also, if you are not a big fan of crowds choosing to celebrate your birthday on a weekday may be a better fit for you. It’s easier on your birthday budget as well.

7. Escape room

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and doing fun activities with others? 

If so, then going to an escape room in your local area is an ideal option for you. 

My husband booked an escape room experience for my birthday. We both had a blast! 

Surprisingly, the cost to go was very affordable per person as well.

8. Visit someplace scenic 

Do you want to do something spectacular on your birthday? Don’t want to cough up a lot of cash to celebrate it? 

If so, I have two words for you. 

Scenic Views. 

Walk along a pier, beach, or mountainside to capture spectacular views. 

If you live in the city, book a reservation at your favorite scenic restaurant to get the same effect.

9. Explore a nearby city or town 

Do some sightseeing in a town or city you have never visited before. Pack your bags and take a day trip to celebrate a turning another year older.

 If you’re wary about exploring unfamiliar territory, then book a town or city tour. You can book tours from $25 to $50 bucks per person.

Surrounding towns may offer different attractions than your particular community. 

Spend your birthday exploring a nearby town or city closest to you.

young couple sight seeing in the city

10. Catch a matinee show or movie 

Did you know that you can save money at the movie theatre by going in the morning or early in the afternoon? 

If you plan on watching your favorite show on the big screen or stage, opt to go at an earlier time. 

Performances and movies will be the same regardless of when you watch them.

11. Visit a famous landmark

Do you enjoy like visit Major cities? If so, consider going to the Golden Gate Bridge, grand canyon, or lincoln memorial. 

If you can’t visit landmarks because of how far away they are, you can always opt to see landmarks in your community. 

Make sure to take some pictures so you can capture your memories. 

Landmarks make great photo ops too!

12. Take a birthday staycation

Consider taking a birthday staycation?

If so, rent a hotel room and visit area attractions to celebrate your big day.

You’ll save a few coins because you will avoid having to dish out money for airline tickets and other expenses that come with traveling outside your city or state. 

If you have your staycation in a major city like Washington DC, pick a hotel in the surrounding area.  

It will help you save even more money on your birthday staycation. 

Book a hotel with amenities and has a package for celebrations so that way you can maximize your hotel stay.

Young laying in lounge chair enjoying birthday staycation

That’s all I have for you today. 

Before leaving, tell me, what did you think of this list?  

What activity are you going to choose to celebrate your birthday on a budget?

Have you done any of these activities for your birthday to save money?

Leave your comments below!

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