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25 Spring and Rainy birthday ideas adults will love!

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to warm up, and rain showers become more frequent. 

If you’re like me, you start to get excited about all the fun activities you can do outdoors. 

But, if your birthday happens to fall during this season, it can be a little tricky to plan something special. 

Luckily, I’ve got you covered with 25 fun and unique rainy birthday ideas that are perfect for springtime. 

Trust me. 

These rainy birthday ideas are so good that even the Grinch would approve! 

Before I share, here are a few tips to consider when planning a birthday celebration in the spring.

Tips for rainy day birthday ideas for adults

Tip #1 Pick an indoor party venue from the start

No need to let the April showers rain on your parade, or in your case, your birthday. There are plenty of fun indoor activities to keep everyone entertained. 

Choose an indoor party venue from the start. That way, you can avoid unnecessary stress while you’re planning your birthday celebration.

Tip #2 Accept a rain check (pun intended)

If you have your heart set on a birthday activity outdoors, but there’s a chance that it will rain, take a rain check. 

For example, Amusement parks offer rain checks if it starts to rain while at the park. 

Have as much fun as you can and if the weather worsens, ask park staff for a rain check. 

That way you can enjoy the theme park on your birthday and also have a ticket to go back and celebrate in the future.

If you’re planning a birthday party in the spring, you should choose a rain date for your party. 

Be sure you let your guests know when about the rain date when you invite them to your party.

Tip# 3 Host a birthday celebration at home

Stay in the house and throw a birthday celebration at home.

Remember April is national decoration month. 

If your birthday is in April, consider buying a few home accessories to redecorate one of the rooms in your home. 

Spring birthday ideas for adults

April birthday ideas

1. April 5th is national deep dish pizza day.

Make a homemade pizza or head to your local pizza parlor, and enjoy Chicago-style eats. 

2. National scrabble day is on April 13th. 

Host a game night play a few games of scrabble with your friends.

3. April 14th is International Moment of Laughter Day

Laugh your pants off at a comedy club to celebrate your special day. If you can’t go to the comedy club, stay inside and enjoy a classic comedy movie that will bring you to tears.

4. World art day Falls on April 15th.

Visit an art gallery or take a free art or low-cost art class at Michaels or another arts and crafts store.

5. World Book Day falls on April 23rd.

Cuddle up with a good book on your birthday and celebrate

Famly enjoying a book on the couch

6. International dance class day is on April 29th.

Why not celebrate your birthday by trying out a new dance style?

7. National Volunteer Week happens in the third week of April. 

Lend a helping hand and volunteer at a local soup kitchen or an organization with a cause of your choice.

8. Shrimp scampi day is on April 29th. 

Cook a delicious meal or go to your favorite Italian restaurant and order some shrimp scampi. 

9. April is international guitar month.

Learn how to play a new song on your guitar or take a guitar class.

10. International Day of Dance is April 29th. 

Go dancing with friends or take a dance class to celebrate turning another year older. Is anyone down for Zumba?

11. Jazz day falls on April 30th. 

Go to a jazz club or head to your local record store and dig in the crates for some vinyl classics. 

If you’re want to spend less, watch a live music performance at a local college or performing arts center.

a jazz singer performing with her band mate

12. National Karaoke Week is the fourth week of April.

Have a karaoke party with your friends.

For more April national day birthday inspiration, click here.

Indoor party ideas

Here are a few spring birthday party ideas at home for adults.

13. Have a birthday flower-themed party

You know what they say about April showers, spring may flowers. 

If you have a May birthday, head down to your local florist to snag a few in-season blooms.

Have you ever thought about using the birth month flower as a party inspiration for your spring party decor? 

If not, it’s a great opportunity to do so.

  • A daisy represents April.
  • Lily of the valley represents May.
  • Honeysuckle represents June.

Decorate your party with your birth month flower.

 It’s a beautiful birthday inspiration for the ultimate spring-themed birthday bash.

May birthday ideas

14. Museum lover’s day is May 5th.

Go to a museum or take a virtual museum tour in another city.

15. May 4th is Intergalactic Star Wars Day.

Watch your favorite star wars movie or dress up as your favorite character and have a themed party. 

16. May 11 is eat what you want day.

Indulge in your favorite foods without feeling guilty.

couple eating 2 pieces of cake for dessert 1

17. International Day of Light is May 16th.

Celebrate your birthday by learning about optical illusions or attending a laser show.

18. Scavenger hunt day is on May 24th.

Invite a few friends over and have an indoor scavenger hunt to celebrate your birthday. 

19. Nerd and geek pride day happens on May 25. 

Wear your favorite geeky t-shirt and head to your favorite comic book store for your birthday.

For more May national day birthday inspiration, click here. 

June birthday ideas

20. June 4th is national cheese day. 

Throw a wine and cheese party for your birthday. 

If you prefer not to plan a birthday party, you can go to a wine tasting on your birthday too!

21. June 18th is international sushi day. 

Have a Sushi night with friends or go to your favorite sushi restaurant.

22. Ice cream soda day is June 20th.

Celebrate your birthday with a classic ice cream soda with friends and family.

23. International yoga day is on June 21st. 

You can choose to take a yoga class or do yoga at home to celebrate your birthday.

24. Plan a Zodiac-themed birthday party. 

The Astrology signs in the Spring months are Aries, Taurus. and Gemini. 

Plan your party around your zodiac sign and decorate with astrology-themed decorations.

25. Throw a Birthstone-themed birthday party. 

April’s birthstone is a diamond. May’s birthstone is emerald, and the birthstone for June is Alexandrite. 

Choose your birthstone color and plan your birthday party around it.

For more June national day birthday inspiration, click here.

If you you’re worried about racking a high bill for your birthday house party, there’s no need to worry. If you need budget-friendly birthday tips, check out my blog post on how to plan a birthday party on a budget.

Do you know any winter babies that need birthday inspiration? If so, read my blog post on winter birthdays ideas for adults.

I tried to cover all rainy birthday bases for you.

I hope you find the list helpful and that your spring birthday is everything you hoped it would be!

So what spring or rainy birthday ideas are you going to do this year?

Are there any spring birthday ideas that you’ve already tried?

If so, leave your comments below. 

Happy birthday and as always,

Happy celebrating!

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