25 unique 60th birthday celebration ideas for dad that’ll keep him entertained

Your dad will be celebrating a special milestone birthday – his 60th!

While some people might dread turning the big 6-0, it’s worth celebrating in style.

To help get you started with planning the perfect celebration for your dad, I created a list of 25 unique birthday ideas.

You can choose from fun activities to cool birthday gifts. 

There’s something for everyone to help you find the best 60th birthday idea for your dad.

Before we get into 60th birthday ideas for your dad, here is a few FAQ about 60th birthdays.

Is 60 a milestone birthday?

The short and sweet answer is yes. 

A 60th birthday is a milestone birthday.

Turning 60 is a big deal and worth celebrating.

A 60th birthday is also a time to look forward to the future and set your sights on new goals.

Turning 60 years old is also the end of middle age adulthood and the beginning of your retirement years.

What is the color for a 60th birthday?

There isn’t a color that symbolizes the 60th birthday. 

But, you can use the color for the 60th anniversary.

The color for the 60th anniversary is diamond white

You can use this as birthday party inspiration to plan a 60th birthday celebration.

What to do for Dad’s 60th birthday?

There are three ways that you can celebrate your dad’s birthday.

A.) Plan a birthday activity that your dad would love to do.

You could be anything from going fishing or golfing to taking a cooking class together.

B.) Throw an epic 60th birthday party for him. 

Throwing a birthday party is a great way to get his friends and family together to celebrate his life.

C.) Buy your dad a unique 60th birthday gift.

You can choose to buy him anything from a custom-made book to a gift box full of his favorite things.

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60th birthday celebration ideas for dad

60th birthday experiences and birthday activities

If he is the type who may not like receiving birthday gifts,

create meaningful birthday memories with your dad through a 60th birthday experience

1. Go out to a jazz club: 

For the dad who loves live music, take him to a local jazz club for an evening of good drinks and great tunes.

older man trumpet playing to jazz music

2. Sign up for flying lessons: 

Is your dad a thrill seeker? 

Then give your dad the gift of flight with flying lessons. 

Your dad can even take the controls for part of the lesson too!

3. Take him on a helicopter ride: 

For a unique 60th birthday experience, sign your dad up for a helicopter ride. 

He’ll get to see the sights from high up in the air. 

Soaring the sky will be an unforgettable experience for him.

4. Spend the Day Fishing: 

If your dad loves spending time outdoors, take him fishing for his 60th birthday.

It’s a great way to relax and bond with nature.

Senior father and son fishing in a lake

5. Scuba diving lesson: 

Is your dad adventurous and looking for a new challenge? 

If so, sign him up for scuba diving lessons! 

Your dad can even get certified if he wants to.

6. Craft beer-making class: 

Is your dad a fan of craft beer? 

Then, he’ll love taking a brewing class where he can learn how to make his beer.

7. Attend a sporting event: 

For the sports-loving dad, take him to his favorite team’s game for a 60th birthday celebration. 

Your dad will enjoy cheering on his team from the stands.

8. Take a photography class: 

Is your dad interested in photography?

Have him take a beginner’s photography class. 

He’ll learn the basics of taking great photos. 

9. Visit a historical landmark: 

For the dad who loves history, take him to visit a local historical landmark to celebrate turning 60. 

Your dad can learn about the history of a specific town or state and see a few sights that he has always wanted to see.

10. Go golfing:

For the dad who loves golf, take him out for golf on his 60th birthday. 

He can enjoy a day out on the course with friends or family.

If your dad is an amateur but still enjoys the sport, take him to a miniature golf course as an alternative.

11. Kayaking lesson: 

Is your dad looking for a new way to enjoy the outdoors? 

If so, take him up for a kayaking lesson. 

Your dad can learn the basics of this water sport and even discover a new hobby.

60th birthday party theme ideas

If you’re wondering what’s a good theme for a 60th birthday party for your dad, I got you covered. 

Check out these 60th birthday party theme ideas below:

12. Army camouflage-themed party: 

This 60th birthday party theme is perfect for the dad who loves the outdoors and spending time in nature.

13. Old fart-themed party: 

Is your dad into practical jokes and having fun? 

If so, throwing him an old fart-themed party for his 60th birthday is perfect for him. 

14. Vintage themed party: 

This 60th birthday party theme is perfect for the dad who loves all things vintage.

15. Star Wars-themed birthday party

May the Sixties Be with you from Star Wars is an epic 60th birthday party theme for the dad who loves Star Wars.

16. All-white party: 

An all-white party is a great 60th birthday party theme for the dad who loves simple affairs.

Throwing an all-white party would align well since a 60th birthday color is diamond white.

17. Speakeasy-themed party: 

A speakeasy party theme is great for the dad who loves the Roaring Twenties. Isn’t that right daddy-o?

18. Have a backyard birthday barbeque: 

Have a backyard barbeque for your dad’s 60th birthday party theme. 

A Backyard barbeque is a fantastic idea for a dad who enjoys grilling.

man cooking food outside on a grill

19. Host a poker night: 

A poker night 60th birthday party theme is perfect if he loves playing cards.

20. Rockstar-themed birthday party: 

Is your dad a big fan of the Beatles or Jimi Hendrix?

Then, a rockstar-themed party for his 60th would be perfect for him.

A rockstar-themed birthday party is great for the dad who loves music and entertaining.

21. Soul train party theme

For the dad who loves the 60s and 70s music, this 60th birthday party theme is a must-do. 

You can even have a Soul Train-themed party and have a dance floor set up for him and his guests. 

It’s impossible to have a soul-train-themed party without doing a soul-train line!

More ideas for a 60th birthday party for dad

22. 60’s Hippie party: 

You can have a psychedelic-themed themed party with all the groovy decorations.

23. Super Bowl birthday party 

Does your dad’s birthday come around the time the Super Bowl is happening? 

Then, have a 60th birthday party for him with a Super Bowl party theme.

Avoid spending a fortune on birthday party decorations when planning a birthday party.

If you are on a tight budget, check out my blog post on planning a birthday party on a budget.

24. Spend his 60th birthday on the beach

The dad who loves spending time outdoors and enjoys the sun spends his 60th birthday on the beach.

You can go to your local beach or even plan a trip to the tropics. 

It’s also a great 60th birthday idea for dads with want to celebrate with their family.

senior couple surfing at the beach

25. Throw a camping party 

Invite his friends and loved ones, pack up all the camping gear, and have a camping party. 

If your dad loves celebrating in nature, he’ll be thrilled to have his special day by the campfire.

What to give your dad for his 60th birthday?

Celebrate your dad’s 60th birthday with a thoughtful and unique gift. 

Unique gifts for 60th birthday

Do you prefer to give your dad a unique gift for his 60th birthday?

If you are looking for 60th birthday gift ideas for your dad, consider one of these unique gifts.

60th birthday personalized beer goblet 

Personalized crystal clear beer goblets are perfect gifts for celebrating your dad’s birthday.

If using the 60th-anniversary color (diamond white) for 60th birthday inspiration, crystal clear beer goblets match them perfectly.

 Fill in the blank book:

Get your dad a fill-in-the-blank book for his 60th birthday.

Your dad can read it and use it as a keepsake to remember his milestone birthday.

Birthday gift box for him: 

You can get him a man crate for his birthday filled with his favorite snacks, food, and hobby supplies.

60th birthday experience gift:

If your dad is not a fan of birthday gifts, get him an experience gift instead. 

You can buy him tickets to a sightseeing tour, a cooking class, or anything else that he would enjoy.

Vinyl record collection or player:

If your dad loves listening to classics, buy him a record player or collection of his favorite songs.

As you can see, there are many birthday ideas you can choose from.

Planning a milestone birthday party can be a lot of fun. 

Your dad will light up when he sees all his friends and family gathered together to celebrate him.

Or he may prefer playing golf or going fishing. 

If you want to spoil him, how about buying him a unique gift that celebrates his 60 years on this earth?

Whatever you choose to do, I hope your dad has a fantastic 60th birthday!

What idea will you choose for your dad’s 60th birthday?

Leave a comment below.

And as always,

Happy celebrating!

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