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23 Last-minute anniversary ideas that don’t scream “I forgot our special day”!

So, you’ve somehow managed to forget your anniversary, huh? 

Don’t worry. I’ve got a few last-minute anniversary ideas that will make your partner feel like the most special person on earth. 

Your partner wants to feel special on their anniversary day. 

But knowing that their partner waited until the last minute to get them a gift can ruin the moment.

 If you want to redeem yourself, here are a few tips to keep in mind when finding a last-minute gift for your partner:

Tip 1. Take advantage of orders online and pick up in-store services.

Try buying your anniversary gift online and pick it up in the store. 

Visit a retail store like Kohl’s and buy your gift from the store. 

Pick-up in-store services are a life-saver when you’re running short on time.

Tip 2. Ultize Next-day or same-day delivery service

If you’re short on time, opt for next-day or same-day delivery. 

Trust me. Nothing says romance more than having a gift arrive at your doorstep. 

Tip 3. Personalize your anniversary gift in some way. 

Doing this will make your anniversary gift seem less last-minute. 

Put your personal touches on your anniversary gift by handwriting your partner’s message. 

Whether it’s engraving their initials, including a personal message,

Or even including their favorite color, it’s the little details that matter.

Tip 4. Avoid buying a gift card as your last-minute anniversary gift. 

Nothing screams, “I forgot to buy you an anniversary gift like a gift card.

Even though you might have procrastinated a bit, these tips will save the day. Simple gestures like the one mentioned above can make your significant other feel loved and appreciated. 

Last-minute anniversary ideas for him

 If you’re scrambling to come up with last-minute anniversary ideas for your guy, keep reading to find out what you can do:

1. One idea is to theme the day around his favorite show. Plan a cozy night, complete with his favorite snacks and episodes of his beloved series. 

2. Try to surprise him with a custom mug. You can get it personalized with a special message or a photo that holds a meaningful memory for both of you.

3. Get him a crate filled with his favorite gadgets, snacks, or tools. 

Not only will it be a practical gift, but it will also show that you know and appreciate his interests. 

Plus, he can enjoy using the items in the crate long after the gift-giving occasion.

4. The next last-minute anniversary idea that you can do is buy him a replica of his favorite hobby or sports team. 

This thoughtful gift will show that you know and appreciate his interests. If your partner has a favorite hobby like woodworking, you could buy a high-quality tool or a unique woodworking kit.  

Not only will it enhance his hobby, but it can provide him with a new tool to explore his passion.

Or, if he is a sports enthusiast and has a favorite team, you could gift him a replica jersey or sports memorabilia. Getting him this last-minute anniversary gift will allow him to display his love for the sport he enjoys.

Whatever you choose, make sure it aligns with his interests and preferences. Adding personal touches will make the gift even more special and meaningful.

Last-minute anniversary gift ideas

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5. Flowers or plants are always a safe bet. The keyword here is “safe”.

Again, you can get them delivered with a same-day delivery service to avoid the panic of running to the store.  

6. To make your anniversary unique and unforgettable by buying an anniversary experience gift.

The possibilities are endless! You can choose anything from a cooking class to an anniversary staycation or sign up for a fun wine-tasting tour or a hot air balloon ride. 

Instead, you can give yourself something to look forward to and create a special memory together. 

Anniversary experience gifts take away the pressure of finding the perfect anniversary gift at the last minute. 

It gives you time to enjoy each other’s company. Plus, experience gifts provide a unique and immersive experience that traditional ones can’t. 

7. If your partner has a hobby they enjoy, get e-subscriptions or subscription boxes. They’ll receive a new treat or surprise every month.

8. Don’t forget about the classic anniversary gifts like a balloon bouquet and cute stuffed animals. These little gift details can make someone smile. 

9. Buy Couples graphic t-shirts. Instead of getting a His and Her t-shirt set, you can go to a retail store and buy shirts with your favorite characters or cultural icons.

Last-minute anniversary gift ideas for her

A relaxing last-minute anniversary idea for your wife or girlfriend is to spend your anniversary at home. Make your anniversary night special by following these last-minute ideas:

10. Another idea is to create a love notes scavenger hunt. Hide your little love notes around your place and give her clues to find them. Planning a scavenger hunt for your anniversary is a fun and romantic idea that she’ll adore. 

11. If you want to impress her, why not upgrade or replace something she uses all the time?

It could be her phone, a favorite mug, or even worn-out slippers. Show her you pay attention to the little things she likes and needs. 

12. Make an official couple’s bucket list. Write down activities or places you want to do or go as a couple. 

13. Buy a sentimental gift that alludes to a memory or an inside joke you and her share. This gesture will make the love of your life’s heart melt.    

14. Finally, create a spa experience at home. You can find bath salt and body oils at a local store close to where you live. Run her bath water a little bit before she gets home. Have her robe and sleepers ready when she gets out of the tub. Then, end the evening by giving her a body massage.

Remember, the key to making your anniversary night special is to show how much you love your partner. It doesn’t matter if it’s a last-minute celebration. It’s the effort and attention to detail that matter the most. 

Last-minute affordable anniversary ideas


If you’re on a budget and need some last-minute affordable anniversary ideas, you’re in luck.

These last-minute anniversary ideas are guaranteed to keep you in the black. 

You can still find awesome last-minute anniversary gifts.

But first things first, if you want to save time and money, think frugal, not cheap. Never compromise the quality over how much it may cost. 

If you need to spend more money to get more bang for your buck, you’re better off doing that. 

Take advantage of what your community has to offer. 

15. Find a scenic area nearby and watch the sunset together. Looking at a beautiful sunset with your partner is inexpensive and will create a romantic atmosphere without breaking the bank. 

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16. Another idea is to have an anniversary picnic. Put those leftovers to use and head to a park or open area. There’s no need to spend a fortune at a fancy restaurant. You can take food from home and enjoy each other’s company in the great outdoors.

17. If you’re feeling nostalgic, go old school and carve your and your partner’s initials on a tree. This is a sentimental and inexpensive way to create a memorable experience together. Don’t forget to take a few selfies so you both can have a keepsake of your anniversary day.

Remember, celebrating your anniversary doesn’t have to be expensive. With some creativity to think outside the box, you can make a memorable anniversary experience in no time. 

  Last-minute date ideas

18. Another perfect last-minute anniversary date idea to consider is to try restaurant roulette. 

First, Pick out a bunch of restaurants.

Next, write them down on pieces of paper. 

Lastly, put them in a hat and let fate decide where you’ll have your romantic anniversary dinner.

 This last-minute anniversary idea can be a super fun and spontaneous way to celebrate! 

19. If you’re in the mood for a cozy night, why not relax and plan a romantic anniversary dinner at home? 

Cook their favorite meal, set up a candlelit dinner, and snuggle up on the couch with the love of your life. 

Sometimes, the most uncomplicated plans are the most memorable, especially when spending time together.

Creating memories with your partner trumps buying store-bought items or material possessions. 

Last-minute anniversary gifts for parents


Celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary is a significant moment in a couple’s life. But, if you forget about it this year, it can be a letdown. 

If you’re in a rush to find the perfect anniversary gift for your parents, check out these options below:

 20. Don’t go crazy looking for separate gifts for Mom and Pop. Try to get them a shared gift. Buying a shared anniversary gift is convenient. Especially if you’re in a rush.

 You can buy a warm blanket or a coffee maker if both are coffee lovers.

Find a gift that’s fun and gender-neutral. Pick out a fancy picnic basket and fill it with treats packed inside. Your parents can use it for their romantic picnics or even when they go on long drives. 

They’ll appreciate the effort, even if it’s a bit last minute.

21. Bottle of champagne- celebrate your parent’s anniversary at the last minute by getting them a bottle of champagne.

If you can, try to put it in a gift bag. That way, It won’t be so obvious that you bought it at the last minute. 

22. Giving your parents a gift set makes a great last-minute gift. When you’re buying a gift set for your parents, put items inside both parents can enjoy.

23. You can’t go wrong with an anniversary cake. Be sure to stop by the grocery store and have the baker write a personal message on it with frosting.

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So, there you have it. 

 Last-minute anniversary ideas that you can leave a lasting impression.

What are some last-minute anniversary ideas did you find the most helpful?  

Leave a comment below. 

And as always, 

Happy Celebrating!

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