25 fabulous wedding anniversary ideas on a budget too good to past up

How to celebrate an anniversary on a budget

Not sure how to plan an inexpensive anniversary? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind to plan a successful anniversary on a budget. 

Tip #1 Plan with Intent 

Last-minute restaurant reservations will cost you more money in the long run. 

The earlier you plan for your anniversary, the better.

Look for coupons and special offers that you can use the week of your anniversary date.

Tip #2 Thoughtfulness is the key 

Sentimental gift-giving is the key to finding the best anniversary gifts.

Cook the same meal eaten on your first date.

Download the song that played the night you and your partner first met. 

Thoughtful gifts like the ones mentioned above have more value than generic gifts.

Good things come in small packages. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

We have all heard these sayings about gifts before.

But if you want to buy something special for your spouse,

Pay attention to your partner’s interests.

What are your partners’ likes and dislikes?

What types of things make them happy? Do you both share any inside jokes? Do you have specific memorable moments in your relationship?

Buy a gift that your partner will know is meant for them.

Tip# 3 Get personal

Personalized gifts are the way to go if you want to find the perfect gift for your partner. 

The more you can personalize your anniversary gift for your partner, the better.

wedding anniversary ideas on a budget

1.Get Matching t-shirts

Buy personalized matching t-shirts or hats to celebrate your special day.

2.Buy bracelets made from crystals

If you have your heart set on buying jewelry for your anniversary, go to a crystal shop instead of a jewelry store. 

Crystals jewelry stones represent so many things such as love, prosperity, and happiness. 

 Crystal jewelry is a perfect alternative for those who love jewelry! 

3.Couples fill in the blank books

Fill in the blank books to make some of the best inexpensive anniversary gifts. 

Fill in the blank books to have sentimental value. You can choose to buy one for your partner or you can fill one out together. 

4.Create a slide show

Make a slideshow using your phone. Put all your photos with your partner and view them on your anniversary day on your computer.

Do you need help finding an app to create the slideshow? If so, check out this article on the best apps to create a slideshow.

Couple looking at a computer

5.Make an anniversary shadow box

Collect all your event tickets, photos, and keepsake, and create your shadow box.

Shadow boxes are a great option if you want to give a more creative anniversary gift.

Celebrate your anniversary at home

It’s your special day to spend quality time together with your partner. Listed below here are a few simple anniversary ideas you can try at home.

6.Plan a unplug anniversary night

Put your phone away and vow not to use any electronic devices for the day.

Reflect on the time you and your partner have spent together. 

7. At home back massages

If you’re looking for a romantic anniversary idea to do at home, you are in luck. Spend the evening giving each back massages.

Buy the massage supplies you need, A few weeks before celebrating your anniversary. 

Stock up items like scented candles, extra body lotion, or body oil while on your routine store run. 

Set the mood by creating a playlist and dimming the lights. 

Your partner will love how much effort you put into turning your home into a mini-spa escape!

8.Create an anniversary bucket list

Write down and choose a bucket list activity from it to complete.

9.Plan an at-home scavenger hunt

You can look online and find scavenger hunt questions to hide around your home. 


10. Throw an anniversary party on budget

Invite a few people over to celebrate your anniversary. a room in your home

Give one of your a fresh coat of paint and re-decorate a room together. 

Plan a frugal anniversary date 

If you are going to plan your anniversary date on a budget, stay local. 

Try to visit places in the surrounding area you live in if you choose not to do anything in your home town.

Plan your anniversary during the daytime before 5 pm.

Prices at restaurants tend to go up for dinner or late-night hours. 

Choose a day to go on your anniversary date during the week (Monday-Thursday). 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are the most expensive days to go out. I know everyone may not have the luxury of taking the day off work to celebrate their anniversary. 

If you can’t celebrate your anniversary during a weekday, then go out early during the weekend.

couple redecorating their home

Cheap vs. Frugal anniversary date ideas

Before I dive in, there is a difference between a cheap anniversary and a frugal anniversary date. 

The cheap anniversary date is more centered around how much it costs(price) to go out. 

Frugal anniversary dates are about quality. It’s about getting the best date experience at an affordable price. 

You should never compromise your date experience to save money. 

Keep this in mind if you decide to go on a date for your anniversary.

If you’re going to go out on a date for your anniversary, expect to spend some cash. 

Even though you may have to dish out more money for your spouse, it’s still possible to save a few dollars while doing so. 

Here are some frugal anniversary ideas to consider if you plan to go out on your special day with your partner.

What to do on a budget anniversary?

12. Attend a local cocktail- making class

While you’re learning how to make some delicious cocktails,

create a signature cocktail together that you both can enjoy.

13.Book a dessert tour

Ditch the traditional flowers and candy for your partner schedule a dessert tour.

Please your sweet tooth and your partner’s too, by sampling a variety of treats.


14. Visit your local marketplace

Going to a marketplace is a great way to enjoy some mouth-watering street foods. Be sure to buy unique merch you wouldn’t get from any retail store. 

15.Plan an arcade date night

Get a roll of quarters for the two of you and play as many arcade games as you both can. 

After you two run out of money, cash in your tickets and pick out a prize for one another. You’ll be able to have some nostalgic fun and save coins in your pocket too!


16. Workout together

Grab your partner and go for a scenic jog at your local park. 

17. City sightseeing

Head out to the city on your anniversary night. Skip out the restaurants and grab some street eats from a street vendor or food truck.

18.Happy hour date

If you decide to take your partner out during the week, go out during “happy hour” between 4 pm-6 pm. 

Lots of restaurants and bars have drink specials and appetizers at lower prices. 

Some Bars may offer their patrons a buy one get one free or 2 for the price of 1 special on drinks and food! 

Be sure to look for special deals and discounts at a local restaurant or bar in your area.

19.Miniature golf

Leave the playing on the golf courses to the pros. 

Miniature golf is great for those couples who enjoy a little friendly competition. 

20. Get a caricature portrait of you and your partner

Head downtown and get a local artist to draw you and your partner in real-time. 

Usually, a caricature artist can create your portrait within 10-15 minutes. 

It’s amazing how fast they can catch the likeness of their muses in so little time. 

After your drawing is complete, you and your partner will have a keepsake that you can take home and frame!


A street artist drawing a couple

21.Visit a Museum

Museums are great places to go if you’re looking for a cheap anniversary date. 

Some museums have a suggested donation for admission. Which means you don’t have to pay the actual price listed. 

Contrary to popular belief, museums can be enjoyable and lots of fun places to go!

Check your area to see what your local museum has to offer. 

Not sure what museum you should visit to plan your anniversary date? 

If so, then check out museum

Museum Hack website has museum tours for people who think they don’t like museums. They offer tours in a few major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angles. 

If you don’t see a museum hack tour near you?

Here is a list of 51 weird museums across the US.


22. head to a resort for the day

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to a hotel staycation, plan a daycation instead. 

Websites like offer day passes to luxury hotels. You can use the amenities like spas, pools, and fitness centers at affordable prices.

23. Grab some frozen yogurt

Visit your local frozen yogurt shop to celebrate your anniversary. You two will have a blast adding as many toppings as you want. Who can say no to Fro-yo? 

24. Head to the harbor

You and your partner can grab some food pick a memento from the souvenir shops. Take in the beautiful views of the water. 


25. Go to a 24-hour Diner

Instead of spending your money at a fancy restaurant, head to your local 24-hour diner. You and your partner can enjoy classic dishes over some conversation. 

If you’re craving some late-night eats, diner meals hit the spot.

Alright, there you have it!

If you plan on celebrating your wedding anniversary on a budget, which one will you choose?

Leave a comment below!

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