35 No-brainer anniversary party theme ideas to use at your next Bash!

Finding the perfect anniversary party theme can be difficult.

When choosing an anniversary party theme idea, you don’t need to overthink anything.

Before we get into specifics, here are a few tips for planning an anniversary-themed party.

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Tip # 1 Choose or create matching anniversary party invitations

Matching your anniversary party invitation to your anniversary theme adds a special touch.

You can get anniversary party invitations online to match your party theme.

Tip # 2 Choose the right anniversary decorations

Choosing the right anniversary party decorations is key to setting the mood.

It doesn’t matter if you want a traditional anniversary theme or a modern one.

There are lots of anniversary decoration ideas you can choose from.

Buy affordable anniversary party decorations from websites like Oriental Trading or Kate Aspen.

Tip #3 Plan to have anniversary party activities and games

Make sure you have anniversary party games or activities. By doing so guests will have a good time.

DIY photo booths are always fun too!

Anniversary party theme ideas

Check out these easy anniversary party theme ideas that’ll make your milestone celebration memorable.

One-year wedding anniversary party theme ideas

Paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary. For traditional 1st-year anniversary party inspiration, consider using anniversary party decorations made of paper.

1. Origami (paper cranes) 

If you’re celebrating your first anniversary, use paper cranes as your party theme. 

You can hang them from the ceiling or on a wall as a decorative element or use them to create fun photo props for guests.

2. Love letters

Did you and your spouse have a long-distance relationship before getting married?

If so, you can have a love letter-inspired party. Your guests can write anniversary wishes or love letters to you two on paper.

It’s a great way to celebrate the love you share and reminisce on how you met.

3. Books

Are you and your spouse book lovers? If so, have a book-themed party to celebrate your 1st anniversary. 

You can decorate with book pages, and create a “bookshelf” photo booth.

4. Newspapers

Extra, extra, read all about it! Announce the exciting news of your anniversary by creating a newspaper theme party.

You can use newspapers as décor, or have guests dress up as reporters.

5. Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns make a lovely theme option if you and your spouse are going for a whimsical look.

You can hang paper lanterns with anniversary messages or fun love quotes.

Or you can use them as centerpieces on your anniversary party tables.

Extra tip: Create a DIY streamer backdrop using crepe paper. It would make a beautiful focal point at your anniversary party.

color paper lantern decorations

5th-anniversary party themes

Wood is the traditional gift for a 5th-anniversary gift. Consider using wood anniversary party decorations.

6. Rustic

Pick a rustic theme for your anniversary party to give it a cozy and inviting feel. 

You can use mason jars, burlap, and twine to create an anniversary party décor for a romantic evening.

7. Palm tree party theme

If you and your spouse love the tropics, consider throwing a palm tree anniversary party.

You can decorate with palm trees, flip-flops, and seashells to create a party that’s sure to please.

8. Enchanted forest party theme

For a fairytale anniversary party, use an enchanted forest anniversary party theme. It’s perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love in a magical setting. 

9. Tiki Party

A tiki-themed party is perfect for a fun option to celebrate with friends and family. 

You can use tiki décor and serve tropical drinks and food as well.

party guests holding tiki party glasses

10. Rose Quartz

If you love crystals, the Rose quartz gemstone represents the 5th anniversary.

The traditional flower for a 5th anniversary is a daisy. If you’re using flower decorations, buy single-stem vases and place a daisy on your guests’ tables. 

10th-anniversary theme party

11. Blue sapphire 

Blue sapphire represents integrity and wisdom. It is also the official gemstone that represents the 10th anniversary.

For your 10th anniversary party, you can add a sapphire touch to them.

 Add sapphire-colored accents to your anniversary party decorations to highlight your theme.

12. Furtristic-themed party

Tin is the traditional gift for a 10th anniversary.

If you’re sticking with a Tin theme, why not throw a futuristic-themed party? 

A futuristic is a great anniversary party idea for couples who love all things sci-fi.

You can create a DIY photo booth with props like space helmets, cardboard robots, and neon signs.

You can also serve anniversary party food like space-themed cookies or intergalactic popcorn.

Pick a modern event space with many silvery or metallic elements.

13. Denim and diamonds

Since the traditional anniversary colors for the 10th anniversary are silver and blue, Throw an anniversary party with a denim and diamonds anniversary theme. 

14. Starry Night (Vincent Vangoh painting)

Are you and your spouse the artsy types? 

Use the Starry Night painting by Vincent Vangoh as anniversary party inspiration.

You can use blue and silver streamers to recreate the sky. 

Opt to add some real stars with a starry night backdrop.

You can use blue and silver as your color scheme and create a starry night sky with twinkling lights.

Serve up anniversary party food like star-shaped cookies or cupcakes with blue icing.


20th wedding anniversary party ideas

15. Tea-themed party

Bring out your best fine china collection, literally. China is the traditional anniversary gift for a 20th anniversary. 

For your 20th anniversary, you can have a tea party theme.

For an antique look, you can buy small porcelain-like party favors too.

Choose a traditional 10-year flower, aster day lily for your anniversary party theme.

Emerald is the color that represents the 20th anniversary

If you want a bold look for your anniversary party, you can use a color scheme like emerald and fuchsia.

Emerald and fuchsia color schemes create a gorgeous look for your 20th-anniversary party.

tea party cup and table decorations

25th-anniversary theme

Celebrating the 25th anniversary is a huge milestone in a couple’s marriage. The 25th anniversary year is called a silver jubilee.

Check out these 25th-anniversary party ideas for parents.

16. Winter Wonderland

Did your parents get married during the winter months?

Recreate the magic by having a winter Wonderland-themed party to celebrate your anniversary.

Use the color silver to decorate your event space.

You can use snowflake confetti or snowfall lights for your anniversary party decorations.

17. Disco ball-themed party 

A disco-themed party is a good idea for those who want to relive the disco days or for people who were born in the disco era.

middle age couple holding a disco ball at a party

18. Geometric pattern

If you want to use a lovely, silver pattern for your anniversary party, use a geometric pattern.

A geometric-themed party works great for couples who love clean lines and simple shapes.

19. Silver Sequins

Silver sequins are another fabulous pattern for a 25th wedding anniversary party

Make your anniversary party feel extra special by adding silver sequins. 

Put sequins on your anniversary party invitations, party favors, and table decorations.

20. Elephants

Elephants symbolize strength, stability, and good luck. 

Use elephants as inspiration for your parent’s 25th anniversary.

You can pair them with silver decorations to make them work for a 25th-anniversary party. 

21. Lock and key

A lock and key party theme is for couples who love to have fun and make memories together.

50th-anniversary party theme

A 50th anniversary is called a Gold jubilee. Throw the ultimate 50th-anniversary party for your grandparents.

22. Art Deco party

An Art Deco party is a great anniversary party theme for couples who love all things glam.

You can use a gold art deco pattern for your anniversary party theme throughout your party space.

23. Mardi Gras party 

For a 50th anniversary, you can’t go wrong with a Mardi Gras party theme.

Have Mardi Gras photo booth props or play Mardi Gras trivia games to keep things fun.

24. Stay golden (sequins)

Decorate your anniversary party in gold sequins.

Sequin patterns are perfect for any couple who likes a glamorous look.

25. Meant to bee-themed party 

A meant-to-bee anniversary theme is a great theme for couples who love nature and all things golden.

Decorate your anniversary party space with honeycomb patterns and golden yellow tones. 

You can even use honey as part of your anniversary party favors.

Add yellow roses or violets if you’re using flowers for your event space. Yellow roses and violets represent the 50th anniversary. These flowers make the perfect addition to your anniversary party decorations.

Fun anniversary party ideas

Not interested in traditional anniversary themes? If so, here are some entertaining ideas to choose from for an anniversary party.

26. Anniversary dinner party

Invite your closest friends and family to join you for an anniversary dinner party.

You can prepare a special anniversary menu or hire a private chef to cook for your guests.

If you want to add a personal touch, you can create anniversary party favors for your guests.

27. Surprise anniversary party

 For a special couple in your life, throw a surprise anniversary party.

28. Travel theme party

For adventurous couples, consider throwing an anniversary party with a travel theme. 

Hang up a world map as your anniversary party backdrop. Decorate with small suitcases, globes, and travel-themed centerpieces. 

29. We still do barbeque

Do you and your spouse love to grill? If so, throw a “we still do barbeque” party.

30. Backyard anniversary party

Keep it low-key by throwing a backyard anniversary party. 

Invite your closest family and friends to spend the evening relaxing under the stars. 

A backyard party will be fun for everyone. 

Especially if you’re celebrating your anniversary with kids.

31. Indoor beach party 

Couples who love feeling sand between their toes should have an indoor beach party.

32. Vintage themed party

Throw a vintage-themed party for your anniversary if you’re looking for something unique.

You can find vintage anniversary party supplies at your local thrift store or online.

33. Retro-themed party 

If you want to throw a party that’s far out, throw a retro-themed party! This theme is perfect for couples who grew up in the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

34. Cafe-themed party 

A Cafe-themed party is a good idea if you want to throw an anniversary brunch. 

Decorate your party space with flowers, vases, and plants for a laid-back cafe vibe.

35. Better together party themes 

Better-together themes are great if you want to make your anniversary party fun!

You can come up with as many pairings as you like and choose one that best fits you and your spouse’s personality!

For example, you can do, you’re my avocado to my toast or coffee to my donut.

Are you planning on throwing an at-home anniversary party?

If so, you can read my blog post on wedding anniversary party ideas at home.

For more tips on planning an anniversary party, check out my blog post on anniversary parties on a budget.

If you choose to go with a traditional or modern anniversary party theme, I hope this list is helpful.

The most important thing is to have fun and celebrate your love! Which anniversary party theme will you pick? Leave your comment below.

As always, happy anniversary.

Happy Celebrating!

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