21 trendy 35th birthday party ideas for her that’ll make her jaw drop!

What’s a girl to do when she turns 35? Throw a fabulous party, of course! 

If you’re looking for birthday party inspiration, look no more.

Choose from unique celebration themes and exciting activities from the list below. 

You’re only 35 once, so make it the best day ever!

Gather up your friends and get ready to celebrate in style!

Planning a 35th birthday party

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Your 35h birthday may not be a milestone birthday like your 40th birthday is. But it is worth celebrating.’

You can use 35th-anniversary symbols and meanings as birthday inspiration for your party.

The colors for the 35th anniversary are coral and jade

The 35th birthday is gemstone is emerald.

Before we get into the list of celebration ideas, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you plan your birthday party.

Tip 1). Pick your Birthday party theme first!

Pick out your birthday party theme, color scheme, and then a location ( in that order). 

It will make it easier to pick birthday decorations and create birthday invitations.

Tip 2). Choose the right 35th birthday decorations 

If you want your 35th birthday decorations to be extra special, choose a theme and go all out with it! 

Choosing themed decorations will help you avoid buying unnecessary birthday supplies. 

Tip 3). Pick out a gorgeous 35th birthday dress or outfit

If you’re going out to a venue to celebrate your special day, make sure you buy a 35th birthday dress or outfit. 

Nordstrom Rack is an excellent option if you want to shop for a chic but affordable outfit for your special day. 

35th birthday party ideas for her

If you’re looking for more 35th birthday party ideas for her, keep reading!

1. Cocktail party with shrimp cocktail cups

If you want to have an elegant theme, consider serving shrimp cocktail cups as hors d’oeuvres.

They’re easy to make and always a hit with guests!

Shrimp cocktail cup for birthday party

2. Rosé all-day 

Do you love drinking rosé? If so, why not make your birthday celebration an all-day event?

Rent a party bus and take your friends to the best vineyards in town.

Taste some of the finest wines and enjoy the beautiful scenery. It’ll be a day to remember!

3. Watermelon themed party

Throw a watermelon-themed party!

This party theme is excellent for those birthday girls born in the summer.

Hang watermelon decorations and serve watermelon-flavored foods and drinks. You and your guests will have fun in the sun!

4. Catcus party theme 

This 35th birthday party idea is perfect for the woman who loves all things southwestern. From the food to the decorations, everything will have a southwestern flair.

You can serve mouth-watering Mexican dishes too! But, don’t forget the margaritas!

Your guests will feel like they’re in a desert oasis!

5. Southern peach tea party

 Want to throw a birthday party with a touch of Southern charm? If so, have a Southern peach tea party.

Serve up some delicious peach tea, finger sandwiches, and scones.

Your guests will appreciate some good old southern hospitality too!

6. Under the sea-themed party

Are you a birthday gal who loves the ocean and everything sealife? If so, throw an underwater-themed party.

Decorate with coral reefs, seashells, and starfish. Serve your guests a few delicious seafood dishes.

7. Succulent-themed party

If you’re a 35th birthday girl with a green thumb, Throw a succulent-themed party.

Decorate with lots of jade green and white succulents. Serve up some delicious party appetizers and drinks.

8. Winery inspired party

For the 35th birthday girl who loves wine, host a winery-themed party. Use emerald and wine-colored party decorations.

You can book a wine-tasting party at a local vineyard. Or, you can set up your own wine-tasting party at home. Be sure to have plenty of wine on hand for your guests!

9. Orchid themed party

For the 35th birthday girl who loves flowers, throw an orchid-themed party.

You can book your party at an orchid sanctuary or botanical garden.

Extra Tip: Did you know that orchids come in many shades and colors? Try to find coral-colored orchids to use on your special day. 

10. Yoga party 

Are you a birthday girl who loves to stay fit? If that sounds like you, then have a yoga-themed party.

You can book a yoga class for your guests or set up your yoga party at home.

Be sure to have plenty of healthy snacks and drinks on hand for your guests.

You can give your guests crystal bracelets as party favors too!

A group of women going to a yoga party

10. Art deco party

For the 35th birthday girl who loves all things glam, throw an art deco-themed party.

You can buy gold, emerald, and fuchsia 35th birthday decorations

Make sure to have plenty of champagne on hand for your guests!

11. Throw a surprise 35th birthday party

Since your adult tends to have birthdays less as they get older, the birthday guy or gal won’t expect it.

35th birthday ideas at home

Not interested in booking a birthday venue to throw your 35th birthday? No problem.

Here are a few 35th birthday party ideas at home to consider for your special day.

12. Emerald city themed party

There’s no place like home, but an emerald city is still an incredible place! 

You can even wear a sparkly green dress to your party!

13. Craft party

Pick your favorite craft activity and invite your guests to join in the fun!

You can choose a craft like painting, jewelry making, or adult coloring books.

14. At-home spa day 

Buy jade-colored party decorations and spend the day getting pampered. 

You can have guests get cucumber facials. It will be a fabulous 35th birthday celebration everyone will love!

15. At-home paint party

Set up a few mini paint easels and paint and invite your guests to join in the fun!

16. Coral-colored tea party 

You can have a coral-colored tea party if you want your 35th birthday party at home. 

A coral-colored tea party is perfect for the 35th birthday girl who loves all things feminine.

17. Host a donut brunch

For 35th birthday ideas at home, you can have a donut brunch party.

Decorate with green and coral decor and serve delicious donuts and breakfast foods.

If you want to save money, throwing a birthday brunch is one way you can do so.

18. Sushi-making night

Have a sushi-making night. Give your guests salmon and cucumber sushi options and other Japanese dishes too.

Buy green and white sushi-inspired party decor for your birthday celebration at home.

19. Boho chic party

For 35th birthday ideas at home, you can have a boho-chic party. 

Choose colorful boho chic to create laid-back vibes by having your guests sit on pillows on the floor.

20. Mid-century modern-themed party 

If you are a girl who loves all things vintage, why not throw a mid-century modern birthday party at home?

Mid-century modern color schemes are lovely for birthday parties in the spring.

You can even wear a flowy dress to your party but don’t forget the bar cart! 

mid 30s woman sitting on flamingo float at a pool party

21. Flamingo party-themed pool party

Decorate with pink flamingo decorations and serve up some delicious poolside snacks. And, don’t forget the flamingo floats for your guests to enjoy!

Not sure if throwing a themed party is your style? If so, you can also throw a 35th birthday dinner party instead.

For more at-home 35th birthday ideas, check out my blog post on birthday celebrations at home.

Do you need inexpensive birthday party ideas for adults? If so, read my blog post on throwing a birthday party on a budget.

With so many great ideas to choose from, you’ll throw a memorable and fun event.

And remember to personalize everything with your style – after all, it is your special day!

Make sure you include some fun surprises for your guests too!

Which of these themes will you choose for your 35th birthday celebration?

Leave a comment below.

I hope these 35th birthday party ideas for her have helped inspire you.

As always, happy birthday.

Happy celebrating!

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