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How To Pick The Correct Color Palette For Your Event!


Ever been to a party that just feels… right? The decorations, the food, the whole vibe – it all comes together perfectly. A big part of that magic touch comes from the colors! Colors can set the mood for your event, just like the music you pick.  

So how do you choose the perfect colors for your special day? Don’t worry, it’s not a mystery – we’re going to break it down into easy steps!

Color Psychology

Imagine you’re decorating for a birthday party. You want the room to feel exciting and fun, so you might pick bright red balloons. Red is a great choice because it naturally grabs attention and gets people energized.

On the other hand, if you’re planning a fancy dinner party, you might choose a calming blue tablecloth. Blue makes people feel peaceful and trustworthy, which is perfect for creating a relaxed atmosphere for conversation. Green is another popular choice for events because it reminds us of nature and feels fresh and new.

Color Hacks

When choosing the correct combination, pick colors from opposite sides of the color wheel (like red and green) for a high-energy pop!

If you want to have a smooth and simple feel, choose colors next to each other on the wheel (like blue and green) to set a calmer, more relaxed mood. For example, you can choose analogous colors for table linens and table runners if you want to mix them. Otherwise, keep the tables simple and add a second color to your chairs.

Lastly, if you want to go crazy, you can pick three colors evenly spaced on the wheel (like red, yellow, and blue) for a bold and exciting look!

Choosing Your Palette Based on Event Type

Now that you know the color magic tricks, let’s use them to pick the perfect palette for your event! Different events call for different moods, so the colors you choose should reflect that.


Think bright and cheerful! Colors like red, orange, yellow, and green are perfect for creating a fun and energetic party atmosphere. If yellow is too bright for your taste on every table, you can also incorporate it on backdrops and drapes to add fun to the overall look.

Formal Dinners

Think grown-up dinner party! Colors like dark blue, silver, and white are fancy and timeless, perfect for an event with grown-up guests. You can add a little sparkle with gold decorations, just like adding glitter to your outfit.

Nautical Theme

Let’s go under the sea! Blue, teal, and green will make your party feel like a real-life ocean adventure. You can add pops of orange or yellow, like finding a Nemo hiding in the decorations!

Garden Theme

Imagine a magical forest! Soft greens, pinks, and purples will create a whimsical and fun feeling, like walking into your favorite storybook. Don’t forget to add browns or golds, like little pebbles and sparkling flowers in the garden or on round tablecloths.

Disco Celebration

Time to boogie! Orange, purple, and green are like stepping back in time to a fun disco party. You can add some silver decorations, like a disco ball, to make it extra groovy!

Decoration Tips

We picked our color stars, now let’s make them shine at the party! Here are some cool tricks to try:

Use The Venue’s Colors

Picking colors that are friends with the room you’re using is important. For example, if the walls are already bright yellow, maybe skip the yellow decorations. This way, everything looks like it belongs together!

Do Not Overwhelm The Room With Colors

Too many colors can be like having too many toys at once – overwhelming! Pick 2 or 3 main colors, like the stars of the show. Then you can add a little extra pop of color here and there, like putting on a fun necklace with your outfit!

Test Out The Colors

Not sure if your colors will work together? Make a mini model of your party space! Use construction paper, and crayons, or even borrow some blocks or stuffed animals! This way you can see how the colors look before you buy a bunch of decorations.

Picking the perfect colors for your event doesn’t have to be scary! By understanding how colors make people feel and using these tips, you can create a color palette that makes your party feel amazing. Remember, there are no wrong answers – the most important thing is to choose colors that you love and that fit the feeling you want for your special day.

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