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11 important anniversaries in a relationship to look forward to celebrating when dating

Dating anniversaries are important relationship milestones. They can be a source of happiness, love, and support, but they also take time to grow and require lots of hard work. 

Dating anniversaries also keep things progressing and give you and your partner something to look forward to during your relationship. 

Especially when you have periods in your relationship that can be stressful. Take the time to highlight how far your relationship has progressed with your partner. 

Acknowledging these moments can motivate you and your partner to reach other significant milestones in your relationship too!

If you want to continue to make your relationship stronger, celebrate dating anniversaries in your relationship. 

So before we get into what special moments in your relationship to celebrate, let’s answer a few FAQs that people have about it.

Is your anniversary the day you start dating? 

Sometimes, a couple may use the day of their first date to celebrate their dating anniversary. Your dating anniversary date will depend on you and your partner. 

What anniversaries do you celebrate when dating?

According to Elite, there are a few ways to pick your anniversary date. You can also commemorate your first date or relive your favorite moments in your relationship as well.

Are you still wondering what dating anniversaries to celebrate? If so, here are some anniversaries to celebrate when dating that you should consider.

Important anniversaries in a relationship to celebrate

1. Making your relationship official

There are many different milestones that couples can celebrate in their new relationship.

 From the first date to the end of a long-distance relationship, every milestone is important in its way.

 But one of the most important milestones is to make your relationship official.

There are many different ways that couples can make their relationship official. 

No matter how you get to this point in your relationship, making it official is a big step.

When you decide to date exclusively, you’re committing yourself to your partner. They are committing themselves to you too. 

Making things official is all the more reason to celebrate!

2. Family and friends approve of the person you’re dating

Family and friends’ approval is a significant milestone in any relationship. It’s when your family and friends finally approve of the person you are dating.

Getting their approval is a huge step in any relationship and lets you know you’re making a good decision about your partner.

3. Getting through your first argument

Arguments in relationships are inevitable. Every couple will argue at one point or another. Your first argument may happen within six months of dating, but that’s all part of being in a relationship.

Although it may be stressful, remember arguments and disagreements in a relationship happen. So long as you both work through them together.

For the most part, getting through your first argument can be a positive experience. 

If you can get through this big fight, it will mean that you’re ready to resolve other ones better in the future.

4. Spending your first major holiday with your partner

One exciting dating anniversary to celebrate is spending your first major holiday with your partner.

Whether it’s Christmas or another day, spending these holidays together is special.

It’s also a meaningful step in establishing yourself and your partner as a family. 

Spending your first holiday together means that you might get introduced to your partner’s children if they have any.

If you or your partner have a child(ren) from previous relationships and you’re looking for ideas to celebrate with them, check out my blog post on celebrating your anniversary with kids.

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5. Going away overnight with your partner (for the first time)

Going away overnight with your partner is a milestone that many couples celebrate.  

According to an article from, dating couples usually reach this anniversary milestone around 204 days( approximately eight months) into their relationship. 

When you are first dating, spending time together alone for more than one night can be a big step for many couples. 

Planning a weekend getaway or romantic staycation are ways you can celebrate. 

6. Making it past the one-year dating mark

There’s something special about celebrating your first anniversary as a couple.

It’s important to celebrate the first dating anniversary of your relationship for many reasons. The main reason is that it shows how committed you are to your partner.

It’s a relationship milestone where you decide your partner is worth committing to.  

Celebrating your one-year dating anniversaries sets the tone for other milestone anniversaries you and your partner will have in the future. 

7. The end of the long-distance stage of your relationship

Many couples that meet on online dating sites may be in a long-distance relationship. But sometimes, the long-distance challenges are worth sticking out.

It is a huge step when you finally end your long-distance relationship. It can be hard to maintain a relationship where you only spend time with your partner from time to time, but it’s all worth it in the end.

If you and your partner learn how to make it work, it’s a reason to celebrate.

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8. Moving in together

For many relationships, living together is a huge milestone.

Living together shows that you’ve established yourself as part of your partner’s life.

Moving in together means that you get to enjoy day-to-day life with your partner.

According to wedding, living together signifies that you’re in the pre-engagement stage. 

There might be more responsibilities when you move in with your partner. But there are many benefits for you and your partner too.

9. Adopting a pet together

If you want your relationship to move forward, consider adopting a pet together. 

Adopting a pet together shows that you two are ready to take on joint responsibility.

When you adopt a dog or cat together, it shows that you’re prepared to take on new commitments.

10. Making a major purchase together

Many couples work together to make big purchases. The first time buying an item you both can enjoy may be an exciting time for you and your partner. 

It could be a piece of furniture you both like or an entertaining system for your home. 

Making large purchases together can be very exciting, but it shows how responsible you both are. 

11. When your partner gets their dream job

Couples in healthy relationships should support one another through happy and challenging times.

When your partner gets the chance to do what they’ve dreamed of doing, be sure to celebrate their success.

When you’re dating, it’s important to celebrate significant anniversaries in your relationship.

They show how much you support each other and take on new responsibilities together. 

When your partner gets their dream job, it’s something worth celebrating. They worked hard in their careers. Your partner’s success is a source of happiness that both of you deserve.


Celebrating your dating anniversaries doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant. 

If you’re looking for affordable ways to celebrate dating anniversaries, check out my blog post on wedding anniversaries on a budget. 

Although I wrote the blogpost for couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries, the ideas and activities listed there can work for dating anniversaries too!

Showing how much you appreciate your partner can happen through special memories.

Now that you’ve read about some significant anniversaries in your relationship you should consider celebrating, which ones will you choose?

What are important dating anniversaries that you have celebrated in the past?

What are dating anniversaries in your relationship do you look forward to celebrating in the future?

Leave a comment below.

Happy celebrating!

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